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Electronic technician, amature astronomer, RC heli's and now fpv planes

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Martin commented on cedivad's blog post Introducing Fpv.Red - A HD FPV video system that doesn't fear latency or range
"If it comes in around 500usd, I'm in"
May 4, 2016
Martin commented on Greg's blog post Drone hit British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport
"I call Bull Shit on this. If something did hit the plane would still be on the ground and not allowed to fly to it's next destination."
Apr 17, 2016
Martin commented on AKRCGUY's blog post The History of the Modern Consumer Drone
"Jezz I had a camera and tx on my heli in 1990. Wasnt the greatest but worked. But entertaining video to watch."
Feb 5, 2016
Martin commented on Hai Tran's blog post Unboxing the Connex Mini
" 500 meter range,  $300 less and not compatible with the other one, only good for multi's. Who cares if film industry uses it. We dont watch movies in real time."
Jan 31, 2016
Martin commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Chinese drone maker Ehang Inc. Unveiled World's first drone capable of carrying a human passenger.
"Great CG job on the video. Open blades, no guards, minced puppy or 2 year old say can you."
Jan 6, 2016
Martin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Google producing low-cost ADSB transponders for drones
"I have that $20 unit and it works darn good. Only large aircraft use the system. What we need is for small planes and heli's to use it and show us where they are."
Mar 25, 2015
Martin commented on Eugene Potapov's blog post FAA claims the moon.
"Great it's turning into The Fifth Element. Welcome to Fhloston Paradise. The aliens are going to say wtf we were here first."
Feb 9, 2015
Martin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Wired: "Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones"
"OMG. I did this video a couple of years ago. Forget the phantom or the turbine jet, this can do it. And the music is already programmed in to it.
Feb 7, 2015
Martin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Wired: "Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones"
"Something doesnt smell right here. "
Feb 6, 2015
Martin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Gizmodo: "The FAA's Drone Ban at the Super Bowl is Absurd"
"The FAA are the terrorist here. They are the ones promoting fear. It's only a football game. If it's about videoing. Then a bunch of people with charged cell phones can put online realtime video better than a phantom with a 10 minute flight time. If…"
Feb 1, 2015
Martin commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Secret Service: Drone that crashed on White House grounds was being used recreationally
"Seems that the Phantom was flown by a government employee. "
Jan 27, 2015
Martin commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Trappy ended up paying
"FAA asked for $1100 or end up on the no fly list."
Jan 23, 2015
Martin commented on ct's blog post Drones: the tech-savvy trafficker's new drug mule
"Another news story of this had in a mall parking lot 2 miles from the border. Little far to go for what there is."
Jan 22, 2015
Martin commented on Sgt Ric's blog post More unfortunate publicity?
"Somewhere over the rainbow...........................Everybody sing along. And a 1, and a 2..."
Jan 17, 2015
Martin commented on Matt Droter's blog post Drone flyover lands Montreal man $1,000 fine
"How did tc choose to pick this guy to dump on? Was it just somebody having a suck attack and reported it. If tc or the faa (both to be refered to from now on as Hydra) wanted to couldn't they ticket each video/photo  infraction."
Dec 29, 2014
Martin commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Turbine-powered quad first flight
"Cracking toast Gromit."
Nov 19, 2014