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  • Parrot's AR Drone in 2010 was the first consumer drone to be released. It has most of the technology that we use today, including the 6DOF sensors, ultra sonic altimeters, lipo bat, and brushless motors. It runs on a linux controller, with a wifi hotspot to your phone. 

    It's funny, they were way ahead of everyone else, and never became more then a toy. I guess DJI had a better vision of the future. 

  • Oh come on !!

    That's Marylin Monroe.

    Just Google "Marylin Monroe + drones"

  • @Darrel None here either and what you accomplished back then was revolutuonary. By modern I meant recent. The "drone" phenomena. Most hobbyist drone flyers dont even know what AP stands for :( Love that set up by the way, great pic.
  • I did, no criticism meant. I enjoyed the video. Are you saying I wasn't modern 20 years ago? :-)

  • @Darrel Did you see my last post? Key words, Modern Consumer Drone.
  • Fun video but he didn't go back far enough. Nearly 20 years ago there was a small group of us in the US that were doing aerial photography with wireless downlinks and yes, it was still 35mm film cameras back then. I still maintain I was the first to put a downlinked digital camera on a heli for AP work and was scoffed at for it. Digital cameras were only ever going to be toys I was told.3702178584?profile=original

  • @Martin We're talking mainstream drones. We had video cameras on our heli's 20 years ago too but they weren't called drones back then and no one could fly or afford them. Both of those have changed now and thats what we're really talking about.
  • Jezz I had a camera and tx on my heli in 1990. Wasnt the greatest but worked. But entertaining video to watch.

  • Funny but thrue LOL. 

  • I'm assuming everyone knows who the lovely women is holding the prop? I recently read that in 1948 she was the first honorary Artichoke Queen in Castroville, California. 

    Castroville Artichoke Festival
    Castroville Artichoke Festival is a food festival held annually in Castroville, a town in Monterey County of the U.S. State of California. The city,…
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