FAA claims the moon.


Forget about the FAA - drones controversy. Now the FAA claims the control over the Moon landings.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has caused a bit of stir by hinting that it plans to expand its authority to include exploration of the moon and the use of its resources. News agency Reuters has reported that it has obtained a copy of a letter composed by officials with the agency and sent to U.S. based Bigelow Airspace—in it, the agency said it plans to leverage its launching authority by adding licensing authority of moon assets—all to encourage private companies to invest in such activities. The reason such a move has caused a stir, of course, is because it appears that the U.S. agency is attempting to expand its oversight into an area where it does not have the authority to do so.

Read more at: FAA control of moon landings

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  • Since when?

    Since 1946.  See United States v. Causby


  • Since when? Did I miss something?

  • Why don't the legislators extend the property owners rights to the 500 feet?

    Because they can't.  The supreme court has already ruled on the issue and it would take a constitutional amendment to change that most likely.

  • Surely the only entities this sort of thing will affect is US based innovators, right? Or could something like the proposed TPP be used to enforce it?

    The Chinese will continue do as they please and they aren't the only ones. No doubt they will respect the heritage values of what the Amercians have left there and ignore any other jurisdictional nonsense.

    Is this really an FAA issue?

  • It is already regulates.1024px-Women_heptathlon_LJ_French_Athletics_Championships_2013_t144221.jpg?width=200The picture shows a multiple violation of the FAA controlled airspace: no transponder; paid for being in the air, in the prohibited airspace (stadium), remotely controlled (by trainers and sponsors, and, perhaps, by its own ambitions), and finally, done repeatedly in close proximity of the public, no COA, no certified pilot in control.

    Why don't the legislators extend the property owners rights to the 500 feet? Let the FAA rule what is above 500 feet.

  • Pretty soon, the FAA will try to regulate all life on earth.  Since they are responsible for regulation of all airspace, it follows that they regulate all air.  You will not be able to fill your lungs without first obtaining FAA approval.  All inhalation is potentially a hazard to aviation.  You know what they say about butterflies, well, sneeze in Wyoming, could cause an airliner to crash in Oklahoma.

  • Great it's turning into The Fifth Element. Welcome to Fhloston Paradise. The aliens are going to say wtf we were here first.

  • Not denied, but you need a license, COA, and, naturally, a company of a licensed pilot. After all someone has to protect the Moon's busy airspace.

  • Now FAA denied flight amateur drones over moon O_o

  • All breaches of Space Regulations will be "heard" at the Fra Mauro Magistrates Court...

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