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UAV aerial photographer. Suave Aerial Photographers http://www.SuaveAirPhotos.co.uk

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Wigan, United Kingdom

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Greg commented on Tomi Piriyev's blog post DroneePlotter - Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool Works on Web Browser
"Hi, what autopilots do you support? Just Ardupilot or do you support others? I'm really keen to find one for DJI's A2. I want to be able to see copter attitude changes based on stick inputs, for scenarios where there was odd behavior from the…"
Nov 23, 2017
Greg commented on Sheila Harding's blog post 6 Drones You Must Know About as A Professional
"Hmm, not sure about X800 but Walkera QR X900 might be a goer? Ripping off the DJI S900. If it can give reliable support to 3rd party cameras (including Canon 5Ds) then it might fill a gap DJI are leaving? Also if it can support our ground stations…"
Jul 27, 2017
Greg commented on Tersus GNSS's blog post GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System
"Do you provide an SDK with this allowing us to hook in our own sensors (i.e. positioning from our own SLAM systems)?"
Jul 27, 2017
Greg commented on Rick Yonika's blog post Google wing, NASA greased lightning, move over....
"Tridge, I'd love to see you win the outback challenge with one of these!! :-)"
Mar 21, 2017
Greg commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post Universal Adapter for DJI Gimbals
"Hi, Gimbals often get information from the autopilot to aid with the stabilization process. Do you take this information as well? If not, how does the gimbal perform without it as compared to when it does have it? I think I'm talking about a…"
Mar 17, 2017
Greg commented on Jack A Jordan's blog post Global UAV Drones Market analyzed the basic scope of this industry
"Can I ask how much this report costs?"
Feb 6, 2017
Greg commented on Martynas Ubartas's blog post Seagull #MAP-X from Seagull UAV !
"Looks really good, and probably a better alternative to the 'Camera Trigger' module for the DJI Ronan MX??
Only just briefly looked at your site, do you have a mode that allows you to set photos taken every X meters? Where you can set X?"
Oct 21, 2016
Greg commented on Tersus GNSS's blog post Precis-BX305 Quick Start Video
"Hello TersusAdmin,
The one thing I'm absolutely positively dying to see at the end of your video is how everything slots neatly into special cases made by you (one for base and one for rover) and then to see a surveyor literally roving about…"
Oct 3, 2016
Greg commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post DEF CON 23 - Robinson and Mitchell - Knocking my neighbors kids cruddy drone offline
"Very entertaining and funny :-) Thanks!"
Sep 28, 2016
Greg commented on Chris Anderson's blog post NavStick FlytPod now on Indiegogo
"I've also been using this system in beta for a while now and give the Flyt guys much credit!!! They have 'value added' numerous components into a (as Bill says) a RTF companion computer.
@James both the PX4 (is actually a value added variant of) and…"
Aug 5, 2016
Greg commented on Enterprise Drone Solutions's blog post Enterprise Drone Solutions announces Théa: the world’s first UAS to meet the high standards for an ​FAA Airworthiness Certificate
"I think we should give EDS a chance.
Have you begun the process of getting an FAA airworthiness certificate? What does that mean? Can you give a link to this criteria?
I'd like to know: 1. Is the drone waterproof and 2. What is the maximum…"
Jul 27, 2016
Greg posted a blog post
I think not and am expecting a resurgence of the good old heli.This article puts forward a lot of good arguments for the helicopter (all be it in baby terms) but do you think there is truth in these claims?A new Chinese unmanned helicopter might be…
Jul 15, 2016
Greg commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post Fast accurate LIDAR
"Yes, I'm waiting for a phone with burst illumination laser radar. It's come down in price from $25Mil to only £100k. At that rate should be ready for mobile phones in 5 years? :-) We will all be ready for it when avail :-) On a serious note, looking…"
Jun 6, 2016
Greg commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New ArduRover beta, adds better smoothed steering and cornering
"Definitely want video :-)"
Jun 3, 2016
Greg commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post Fast accurate LIDAR
"Exciting stuff. One thing that's not exactly clear, are the sensors returning single point distances or multiple point, i.e. the start of a depth map? I see that it is their intention to do so in the future, just wondering about today."
Jun 3, 2016
Greg posted a blog post
Sky light: Dynamic set lighting from virtually any angle. Just pop it up and hover, or use Solo’s smart technology to track with your subject. The light plugs into Solo's accessory bay, so you can even use it at the same time you use your gimbaled…
May 25, 2016