Precis-BX305 Quick Start Video

A quick start video provides basic instruction for setting up and using Precis-BX305 RTK solution. For details, please refer to Precis-BX305 user guide

Stay tuned, Precis-BX316 is coming very soon…
  • Multi-GNSS Signal Tracking
    • GPS L1L2/GLONASS G1G2/BeiDou B1B2
  • Reliable Centimeter-level Positioning
    • Up to 20Hz RTK solution output
  • Dual-Antenna GNSS Heading
    • Accurate yaw & pitch angle of moving platform
  • Accurate Shutter Synchronization
    • Ideal for aerial mapping and drone
  • Raw Observation Data Logging
    • Onboard SD Card for data logging & storage
  • Smaller, Lighter 
    • Compact and lightweight design

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  • Hi Alexey, thanks for asking. It is planned in late Nov. Please pay attention to our news on or post on DIY Drones.
  • Hi Greg, thanks for your comments and we definitely will improve for the best on our next one. 

  • Hello TersusAdmin,

    The one thing I'm absolutely positively dying to see at the end of your video is how everything slots neatly into special cases made by you (one for base and one for rover) and then to see a surveyor literally roving about collecting positions and annotating with short descriptions via some sort of device.

    Show me your product being used in the real world!

    Not wanting to sound like some prat who misses the point about you only doing part of the solution and not doing the whole solution etc. But you guys are so almost there providing the whole solution!! Go on, you know you can do it!!

  • Hi,

    when Precis-BX316 will be available for tests? 

  • Hi, please visit our office website for more details or feel free to drop us a line for technical question to

  • Price? Linux driver?

This reply was deleted.