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  • Hi, JB,  I was working on the, if it an't on it, it's lighter

  • Looks interesting  and something similar we've been working on for a few years. It's just missing an extra hover lift prop and then you can optimise the forward motors for forward flight, speed and range, because they are no longer solely responsible for hover lift. It also allows the aircraft to maintain level attitude in hover which is better for wind penetration and imaging platforms.

  • looks very interesting ,RPAS ? don't you just love it when the system controls you.

  • Tridge, I'd love to see you win the outback challenge with one of these!! :-)

  • Developer

    I really love this design, I think it is elegant and when scaled up would make a fantastic VTOL option. Well done!

  • Eli, just read some of the thesis, if I knew it was that complcated........

    spooky how close the platforms worked out.

  • very very cool! here's a link to the MS Thesis I was helping on (just lending a hand, really)
  •  and to give credit,inav and baseflight code, these guys are amazing.


  • hi, Eli

    thanks for the feedback, gain scheduling?? I just use OPC other peoples code, amazing how similar yours is.


  • this is CRAZY! I worked on a concept like this many many years ago but the controllers were a pain. Insane to see the performance here. Very impressive!!! Are you doing gain scheduling?

    Here's a render of the vehicle I worked on..... looks pretty similar!


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