We are happy to share DroneePlotter -  Drone Flight Log Analysis Tool  with drone comunity to make analyse and sharing easier.

DroneePlotter works on browser not (on server) Just drag and drop the log file . It parses binary log file inside browser instantly with Java scrip, and it works very fast . 

It generates flight graphs automatically , also you can  visualise specific flight data on graph and easily share with others, post on blogs, discussion forms.

To share your analyse with others you need to click UPLOAD button, it will generate unique link based on their md5
which means even another person uploads this file,server will generate the same url.

I hope it will make life easier, and your feebacks ,reviews are very welcome.)


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  • Hi Tomi.

    Do you know if plot.dron.ee is currently designed to plot CESC data correctly when there are multiple ESCs? The id in the CESC message corresponds to a particular ESC and it seems to be just plotting all the messages together instead of spitting them by the esc's id number. Here is a plot when two escs are on the can bus and sending status messages. For reference the escs had id numbers 1 and 2 and reporting at 6 Hz.

    I love this plotting tool and would be awesome if you could add support for CESC messages split by esc id number.


  • I use this ALL the time, after EVERY flight! I LOVE this service! My only question is the "attitude" graph, what does the attitude show us?

  • Hey thanks for this. Its an awesome tool.

    Going to start using it regularly. very cool

  • Hi, what autopilots do you support? Just Ardupilot or do you support others? I'm really keen to find one for DJI's A2. I want to be able to see copter attitude changes based on stick inputs, for scenarios where there was odd behavior from the aircraft.


  • zero/randomize edits all the GPS,POS,ORGN fmt datas in the log file

  • Now you can radomize the gps  trajectory origin keeping the trajectory pattern,or make all the gps data zero before uploading the log file.

    "zero/randomize gps" are in the Maps Page.This redits the binary file before upload.Note that, if you are logging since boot(gps is logged even if there is 1 satellite) you should use "zero" instead of "randomize".

    Andrew Tridgell  DFT support for the ISBH frames is implemented as well.Menu option is visible  only if the log file contains ISBH frames.

  • Developer

    perhaps better to communicate trough gitter.im or slack for the FFT which can make things faster ?

    sure, which channel? What is your ID ?

  • Developer

    adding js FFT library is not a problem, ISBH FMT packages is shown in the data you sent but not the ISBD.

    The ISBD is there, you can see it with:

    mavlogdump.py 000040.BIN --type ISBD

    I suspect your parser doesn't understand the new 'a' format type:

    2017-09-22 09:33:08.14: FMT {Type : 249, Length : 207, Name : ISBD, Format : QHHaaa, Columns : TimeUS,N,seqno,x,y,z}

  • Andrew Tridgell

    adding js FFT library is not a problem, ISBH FMT packages is shown in the data you sent but not the ISBD.

    perhaps better to communicate trough gitter.im or slack for the FFT which can make things faster ?



    tlog feels like a sparse version of FMT log file, Does it include some data that FMT log lacks,or it is intended to visualize when FMT log  is absence.

    fnoop's work is very nice and color combinations in grafana are beautiful!

    Meanwhile, I also added lz4 compression for upload/download of the binary files. lz4 compresses FMT binary file around 50% , which gives x2 faster upload/download speed. Note that compression/decompression speed is almost negligible to upload/download speed.

  • Developer

    For fft i want to clarify  you want to also visualize FFT version of the signal or its just already FFTied in the format it needs to be reverselyFFT to the original signal.

    It's just the sensor data, so you'd need a javascript FFT library, sorry

    For the collaboration,We definitely would like to support all your needs. To make it open-source or not we are discussing internally, meanwhile it is very open to use.

    ok, please let me know. This is something we've been looking at doing for APWeb. I'd much rather work with you on improving yours than develop another solution.

    It would also be great to incorporate into the system that fnoop has done, see this: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/maverick-mavlink-dataflash-web-log-...

    I'm a big fan of doing the parsing and graphing in the browser, I think its a better approach than server side. We'll also need to bring in the tlog JS bindings for graphing mavlink telemetry logs.

    Cheers, Tridge

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