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  • If you don't kick it it wont fall over, loved it!!

  • They need just a "small" step to do the first flight. This was nice levitation I can do with my old bicycle if I have money to buy one turbine. Ok, it was the first try ever recorded and it counts. :-)

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    Very cool.  Can't see anyone ever getting hurt with one of those.  

  • Love the car that pulls up to gawk at the end

    :-) :-)

  • @AKRCGUY: The point? The point is simple: 1. Take your pick of whatever items are currently "hot" in wealthy cultures/countries. 2. Make an extreme version of whatever it is. The more bizarre the better; it's helpful but not mandatory that it actually functions in some way. Practicality, efficiency, economy and other legitimate criteria are purely incidental, the entire point is to leap up out of the crowd screaming, "Look, look, look at me!"  3. Publicize (in places like this but more importantly via the utterly ignorant "mainstream" media), and reap your fame and profit. Profit is usually just burning through investors' money, but once in a while something actually goes into production (Hummers, giant IPhones, Amphicars, DJI Inspire, anything by Airhog, etc. etc.). So, great entertainment value for most of us, but sit on your wallet. 

  • Is the turbine being used as a generator to run the electric motors?  I don't see the point.  If you thought lipos were flamable........

  • I think it could be made to fly, I was looking at a older JetCat thinking about this as a powerplant however still think a horizontally oppossesd 2 box will do better.
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    "Flight" might be a slight exaggeration...

  • Looks safe and completely not crazy! haha

  • Its was done in 2007 and only flew for 6 min... Burned 1lb of fuel per min...

    Not an efficient idea

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