Tuning Question - Problem - Hover great in stabalize mode and alt hold mode, but wobbles slowly in auto, loiter and RTL.

Hey all!

I'm pretty new to this whole multicopter thing and have been flying a quad for a couple months and just assembled a hex rotor copter. (sacrificing the quad)

Everything looks good so far getting about 8-9 minutes of flight time on a 3s 4500ma battery and the frame can take up to 4, but I assume Ill hit a wall of diminishing returns sooner rather than later.

Copter specs:

Hex frame from Hobbyking

APM 2.0 (2.8.1 firmware) 

mediatek GPS with APM2

6x 1200 KB motors with 9.5 4.7 props (I know now that was not the best choice)

turnigy plush 25a ESC's

Spektrum 6 channel receiver with sat

900 Mhz 3dr Telemetry modules

Sonar (the big one I forget which)

I do have a few questions I have built up and failed to find (or understand) the answers.

  1. In stabilize and alt hold the copter behaves great very smooth and solid feeling flight, however in auto, RTL, and loiter the copter wobbles slowly (like every few seconds).
    1. What should I be looking at to tune this out?
  2. When descending at a medium or greater speed the copter wobbles in a similar way to above.
    1. If it descends faster will this get worse and flip the copter?
    2. Can you set a max decent rate?
    3. What can I do to tune the copter to descend as quickly as possible but stay stable?
  3. The autolanding seems to land kind of hard at times and tends to bounce instead of just settle. 
    1. Is this expected?
    2. Is there any way to tune how gentle it lands and what throttle is applied post landing? (between landing and switching to stab with throttle 0.

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

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