hello , I am complete noob in both drones and electronics !!

I study medicine so that I dont now anything about this field !

I am looking to buy (or build) an AutoPilot UAV plane with HD camera that can go to long distance and fly upto 2 hours ( if possible )

in the passed few days I was reading alot on the available options but sadly I was unable to find something the clearly met my criteria ..

if there is an option to have a video link and manual control over that distance it would be better

thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your answers

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What is your intended purpose for this? What distance do you need to go and revert to manual control and have long range video feed? I am sure your goals can be meet if you have enough money and time. People are very helpful here. Why don't you ask these guys. I am sure they might be able to help you.

their stuff is a little bit over my budget

What you are asking for is the long end of the stick and pretty expensive otherwise.

2 hours of flight time with any significant mass is expensive/complex, and if you need to go more than a mile or two away then you are talking serious time/money to be able to have long distance control.

And if you are in the US then you are breaking all the guidelines that the FAA has put forth anyway. (Craft must be within line of sight)

Whats your price range anyway?

And just from curiosity what is your field/specialty?


I ill be using it in syria , so not regulations what so ever right now !

and I mainly need it for filming and documentation (go pro camera would be fine)

i need long distance because for safety reasons

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