Can RTL have a delay?

I am looking for a simple two stage RTL fail safe function.  My scenario is probably a pretty common one.  With loss of radio contact, my Futaba receiver goes to its own failsafe.  This will trigger my failsafe operation, in my case RTL.  For the most part the safest thing to assume is that I have lost radio contact briefly and it will return, I would like the copter to simply Loiter for a settable length of time.  Only after that period, would it really RTL. 

Right now I think my only choice is to set my failsafe to just Loiter or just RTL.

Also, in Auto mode it would be nice if RTL could backtrack rather than fly directly back to me.  If I went around a large building, I do not want to set my safe altitude to something huge in case I pass over a building.  I would think that in the majority of cases backtracking the previous waypoints would be safe.

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  • Not sure about the delay but I'd like to comment on the path taken by RTL. If it were to follow the path already taken it might take ten minutes to get back home from only 20 yards away if you have been flying around the same area the whole time. Depending on how long the flight has been there might not even be enough battery left to trace the path back home.

    The height parameter for RTL is something that can be used to avoid obstacles on the way back. So if you're flying around a building that's 50 feet tall set the RTL height parameter to 75 or 100 feet so it will rise above the obstacle before coming home. A path tracing mode would be nice (whether for RTL or not) but I certainly wouldn't want that to be the default behavior of RTL.

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