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RC Heli enthusiast wanting to learn more about Multicopters and Arducopter projects

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Wanting to learn more about multicopters and Camera Rigs that involve multirotors using controllers such as APM


Orlando, FL

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Jeff Milay replied to Jeff Milay's discussion APM Mission Planner not launching
"If you double click the fipsalgorithmpolicy  you should get a window that will let you edit the subkey.  just type in a 0 if it shows anything else.  Make note of what it displays in that subkey before changing it so you can change it back should…"
Mar 24, 2014
Jeff Milay posted a discussion
Anyone else having issues with google maps not loading tiles in mission planner?  I can load yahoohybrid, binghybrid  just fine but not googlehybrid or satellite.  Just curious since I'm biased towards google.  Is there a way to pull in updated…
Jun 29, 2013
Jeff Milay replied to Craig Elder's discussion APM Copter 2.9.1.b has been released
"Is there any reason I can't enable RAW in RC4?  I try to enable it but nothing happens.  Nothing in logs either.  I went back to 2.9.1b and got RAW back, then went back to RC4 and no RAW.    No more RAW logging in v3?

Jun 2, 2013
Jeff Milay replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
"Another aspect about reducing vibrations to consider is the actual design of the prop.  Primarily the stiffness.  Wood versus Nylon versus carbon fiber.  I went from APC 12X3.8 to Xoar PJP-N 12X4 which improved my vibrations tremendously.  I noticed…"
Mar 7, 2013
Jeff Milay replied to Edgar Scott's discussion Newbee help, not to drones but to Ardu in ArduCopter User Group
"Choose that Quad firmware to update your APM.  Once you've done that, you will be able to configure your quad for the "X" configuration using the "Level" option in Mission Planner."
Dec 13, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.8 / 2.8.1 released
"I thought I read it somewhere but now I can't find it...what do I change to speed up yaw?  Rate Yaw PI?"
Nov 4, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Jonathan Evans's discussion Newbie Questions in ArduCopter User Group
"I would go with gopro2 just for the cost aspect.  You can also get live feed from the go pro using video transmitters.  The main issue you will run into is getting decent video in dark and night missions.  Remote camera operations usually require a…"
Oct 14, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Pierre Seguin's discussion Still have problem with GPS on APM 2.0 NO FIX
Oct 5, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to heliboy's discussion Anybody used ardupilot on Parallax ELEV-8 frame ? in ArduCopter User Group
"I've never used the ELEV-8 frame but I've put the APM on quite a few different frames such as DJI, X525, XAircraft and homemade frames.  The apm can handle pretty much what you throw it on.  As long as you tune it correctly.  The ELEV-8 frame, just…"
Sep 27, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Archit Shah's discussion Quad barely gets 1cm above ground in ArduCopter User Group
"Have you tried reducing weight?  Using one battery and removing camera mount.  Also double check your props are on right side up."
Sep 24, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Jeff Milay's discussion Help tuning 2.7.1 on a heavy hex!
"Finally got my new props and batteries.  I went with 12x3.8SF and also testing out 11x5.5E APC props.  I also went with 4s 5000mah 30c batteries.  Still coming in under 4kg.  Still need some tuning but I must say I'm pretty happy with how it's…"
Aug 26, 2012
Jeff Milay posted a discussion
Just wondering if anyone has seen issues mounting batteries on top of all the electronics (excluding GPS)?  I'm mainly talking about electrical interference and or issues with sensors such as the baro.  I've only got one test flight with this…
Aug 21, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to Jeff Milay's discussion Help tuning 2.7.1 on a heavy hex!
"Another thought...my rate p is at .090.  Should I take this value even lower?"
Aug 2, 2012
Jeff Milay posted a discussion
I just built a new hex using 13X4.7 props, 1000kv 2820 BP motors and dual 5000 3s 40C batteries.  Total weight comes in just under 4kg with my dslr.  It flies pretty solid but I've noticed a lot of throttle management needed to keep it from…
Aug 2, 2012
Jeff Milay replied to sgaert's discussion 2.7 Camera Problem
"Just noticed in 2.7.1, If I go into "Camera Gimbal" settings, it sets my default MNT_STAB_YAW to 1.  If I go to "Parameter List" and set it to 0 it will stay.  But if I go right back to "Camera Gimbal" it will reset it back to 1."
Aug 1, 2012
Jeff Milay commented on Andreas M. Antonopoulos's blog post ArduCopter 2.7 Released!
"@Gerrit, I had the same issue with pitch on my cam.  Everything worked except pitch.  In order to get it to work I had to erase eeprom and reset.  I reloaded the firmware and changed all my PIDs back and pitch started to work!"
Jul 25, 2012