2.7 Camera Problem

the 2.7 is a nice piece of software.
I have some problems with Camera setup.
I can´t write the Camera Gain Value, also i can´t find the entry in the Parameter List.

Can somebody check?


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  • Just noticed in 2.7.1, If I go into "Camera Gimbal" settings, it sets my default MNT_STAB_YAW to 1.  If I go to "Parameter List" and set it to 0 it will stay.  But if I go right back to "Camera Gimbal" it will reset it back to 1.

  • Developer

    Hey, sorry I didn't see this discussion immediately.  Part of the new release is the addition of the 3-axis gimbal support and it's changed the set-up.  We're in the process of getting the mission planner updated so the set-up is easier but it's not quite ready yet so you'll need to follow the instructions at the bottom of the AC_Camera wiki page.


    General Mount Parameters:
    MNT_STAB_PITCH       1    // to enable mount's stabilization of pitch axis
    MNT_STAB_ROLL        1    // to enable mount's stabilize of roll axis
    MNT_MODE                 3    // to force the mount into stabilize mode + Pilot pitch input on CH6


    CAM_P_FUNCTION      7      // to enable the pitch servo
    CAM_P_ANGLE_MAX  1500 // the maximum pitch-up angle the mount can achieve
    CAM_P_ANGLE_MIN  -1500 // the minimum pitch-down angle the mount can achieve
    CAM_P_REV              -1      // only if you find your mount moves in the wrong direction in the pitch direction when trying to stabilize

    CAM_R_FUNCTION      8     // to enable the roll servo
    CAM_R_ANGLE_MAX  1500 // the maximum pitch-up angle the mount can achieve
    CAM_R_ANGLE_MIN  -1500 // the minimum pitch-down angle the mount can achieve
    CAM_R_REV              -1 // only if you find your mount rolls the wrong direction when trying to stabilize


    Some users have reported that they've needed to do a setup, reset through the CLI to clear out their old parameters.  Please tell me if you find that's true.


    Also I did not test with an APM1 so it's possible something is messed up there although I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work on an APM1.

  • I now have no roll/tilt with the 2.7 upgrade, worked fine in 2.6, but now the tilt servo goes to max, and changing the CAM_TRIM values from the parameter list seems to have no effect.

    APM1 in a Hexa, MP 2 

  • I have the same problem, always resets to 0
  • ditto for me, still waiting to hear from Chris and them regarding this. some items are mission in MP and cam not working in 2.7, also the new GPS units seem to be hit and miss, when they work they work VERY well, but other times seems like there is hardly any loiter control at all, I've got 3 new ublox units and all do the same.. code? hardware? anyone ?

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