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recreational; electrical engineering senior design project


Los Angeles

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Matt Hansen replied to Matt Hansen's discussion Issue with analog input ports on AMP 2.6
"I was able to come up with a solution to the problem but it is definitely not a conventional method.  Since A0 is already set up to read the sonar senor if enabled, I enabled the pin and used this code segment:

int16_t temp_alt = sonar->read();…"
Apr 23, 2014
Matt Hansen replied to Dennis Spanogle's discussion Requirements to compile Mission Planner and Progress with VS 2012 (see details)
I am getting the same "UploadProgressArgs" error while trying to build Mission Planner v1.2.57 with Visual Studio 2012 Express.  How were you able to get past this error (all errors for that matter) and successfully build the MP and what…"
Apr 22, 2014
Matt Hansen posted a discussion
I am attempting modify the ardupCopter code and use "analogRead( )" to interpret an external input.  However, when compiling I receive the following error: "analogRead was not declared in this scope."  I tried to include the Arduino.h file in the…
Apr 1, 2014