We need a Log Manager like Flytrex

After getting my Pixhawk a while back, I wanted to start to get serious about keeping a flight log, but it seems like such a pain to manually copy over location, flight times, max altitue, almAh used, discance, blah blah...

Then, just recently, I discovered Flytrex and it occured to me that it would be really cool to have something like this where (instead of continuing to ask Flytrex to support APM, and buying one), we could dump our existing flash logs into a program or website that would give us all those stats, since they've already been collected.


Anybody know of something like this?


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  • I want "Strava for Drones", including the Garmin-style web plugin for uploading your results.

  • I had a different but related idea here: https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/143

    Ok, so changing the file names won't work. What about a small program that acts as a log browser. It accesses all that logs and extracts certain key pieces of information from them. Then you can search and sort your logs with this data. Sort of like what metadata or ID3 tags do for photo and music files

    • exactly, a log browser or manager...gotta be one around, right?

  • I haven't looked at both in great detail, but  there is what appears to be a similar service for APM based logs..  http://www.droneshare.com/ 

    I use the Ardupilot app on my Samsung tablet as a ground station when I fly.  The app can be configured to automaticall upload flight logs to the Droneshare site automatically after each flight.

    • Ah, now I remember it. But it has to be tlogs? my telemetry range is way smaller than my control. Do you know if you could use flash logs instead?

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