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I have been searching looking for something that will attach to the stock legs of the RTF 3DR Quad.  Ideally this would be something that I could relatively easily attach to the legs for using a Tarot T2D Gimbal and GoPro but remove for transport or flying without the camera.  (Now that I've got the transport box with right height for stock legs, pick and pluck foam setup done etc.)  I was thinking of trying to do something in a 3D program for printing them out but that would be kind of iffy for me.  It does seem though that something could have a vertical piece that would extend the legs with fins with holes in that would go through the existing legs using the existing screws in the legs for guides and then zip tying them or something on the backside.

Anyone have any ideas along these lines or have tried something similar?



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  • I've extended the legs of my 3DR Hex using 1/2 inch X 3/4 inch wood trim.  It fits perfectly between the fiber legs... Mine are permanently fastened with small wood screws.  (I keep my camera rig on all the time)... To make it more removable, you could drill holes through the wood and then use M3 bolts.  That would make it easier to remove the wood  so you could reinstall the spacers between the fiber legs..   I painted mine black as in the image below.:

    As an afterthought..  You could probably use the same type of wood, but fasten it on to the legs using tie-wraps..


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