loiter mode causes copter to drift away fast

everything was working fine quad flew great,,,now if i go into loiter mode it rolls right every time,, alt hold works using gps??, also had problem after flying a bit i tried auto calibration and cant even control it in autosetup mode,,,going to check compassmot when batts recharged, just to see where that is now..

any body else having this problem or know how to fix it,,,,,i allready did a full wipe and firmware load

then all setup steps ,, the only difference is i flashed my esc`s with simonk

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  • I know the two times I've had similar experiences it was compass/gps orientation related.


    • Yes..  Drifting is almost certainly a compass problem.  (Especially if it's a circular drift).   When I first flew my 3DR Hexacopter, (over a year ago now),  it was drifting in loiter and struggling to find waypoints.   Getting the APM away from the power distribution unit and doing a a compassmot fixed it.

      • Hi,

        How did you fixed the compass problem?

        Me too having drifting issue, and course a crash.

        I've already wrote the things together here:


        Randy, do you have any idea how to fix it?


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  • i have also problem like yours. Can someone analyze my log and tell me what is wrong? i send you log and photo of my copter. what should i change? i cant do Compassmot because i dont have power module. 

    thanks for all


    2014-04-16 15.12.15.jpg

    2014-04-16 13-52-54.log

  • Developer

    It's very likely that it's compass interference which is #4 on the top 6 most common problems that people face.  There's a decent amount of information on that linked page which should help confirm this is the issue and it also includes ways to fix it.

  • I have a similar problem But mine fly's away Fasst. I had it happen to me and always when I switch into loiter,and all three times it has tilted 45 degrees  in the same direction. It seems to happen almost like when I switch from stabilized mode to loiter  before it is settled (while still in motion).    The first time it caught me by surprise and I didn't switch back to stabilize  mode and it flew at 45 degrees about 150ft. into a tree across the street, the second and third time i was able to switch back to stabilize mode .   Mine fly's decent in stabilize mode Rates  roll/pit are p= .155 I= .1 d = .004 Imax 500.0 any suggestions on changes welcome. Alt hold is great , land is great.   did all the calibrations and also compassmot brought it down to 45%.

    Oh ,  what should my WPNAV LOIT speed be set?  mine was set at 500  

  • thanks to everyone that replied,, i will be trying all suggestions, soon, i have spinal surgery next week so i cannot really do anything right now,,,,,,i will report back after my operation
  • Developer

    If you post a dataflash log and/or tlog I'm sure we can find out the problem.  By the way,. this wiki page describes the six problems that include the vast majority of issues we see.  Loiter problems are most often GPS glitches or compass heading problems but let's see the logs.

  • Same problem here (APM 2.5, v3.0.1)...switching to LOITER or RTL makes the aircraft fly away FAST and into the ground...mine goes to the RIGHT just like yours, though I have read other reports of the aircraft going in other directions.

  • Alt Hold does not use GPS, it uses the barometer and if you have one the sonar. Loiter is basically ALT-HOLD (for the vertical) and GPS for the horizontal.

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