New beta 1.6.04

Thanks for the good feedback all G+ beta test members!

# 1.6.04
* Oops - Last build accidentally broken Nexus 7 portrait. Thank Steve S for the fix.
* Increase throttle travel 2x (thanks Steve S)
* Don't warn about no gps until we have comms with vehicle (thanks Thomas N)
* Don't warn about battery % charge if there is no charge data available (thanks Thomas N)

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Here is the latest with my testing on 1.6.04 (Nexus 7)

    1) Switching from either portrait mode (fixed again, thanks) to landscape mode or vice-verse causes the "Show Joystick" menu to become greyed out and unusable. I did some more testing on this and found that the only way to fix the greyed out menu is to reboot the APM and transmitter (in my case). Forcing Andropilot closed on the Nexus 7 does not work...So, I am wondering if this has to do with those of us who might be changing our "SR0" or "SR3" comm parameters to accommodate the Minimosd board??

    2) The throttle scaling is better but a bit random and the setting creeps a bit. I bench tested and the throttle continually rose while I let it sit. I like that the throttle does not stop the motors from spinning even at the lowest setting but others who intend on replacing their transmitters at some point may have a problem with this.

    3) Unplugging the 3dr radio from the Nexus 7 OTG connector does not yield control back over to the transmitter. However, closing Andropilot altogether seems to. Would be nice if simply unplugging the 3dr radio would also yield control back over to the transmitter.

    Thanks for all the hard work Kevin!


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