Hi, I have been thinking on a project for some time where I want to combine a tablet/phone running your great application  and some "normal" radio gimbals + switches.
Today I found this page:http://kadevice.com/ they have a small interface ment for DIY arcade games that supports windows, linux, Android.. and can act as a gamecontroller (Xbox/PS..)

What I want to do is combine:

- Android tablet or phone
- The Kade interface that supports Android OTG 
- A pair of Taranis 9x Gimbals
- MavLink radio
- A small USB Hub
- some switches..

Design a 3D printable "dock" where you can mount a tablet (nexus 7) or a phone

Anyone done something like this? 
Have ordered the interface + a pair of Taranis gimbals

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