Hi All, 

First, apologize as I originally intended to send this question in the discussions section ( but sent it as a message to all of you, sorry!).

I have this question:
I am creating a mission with spline waypoints in Mission Planner.
The mission is uploaded into APM 2.6 ( double checked, reading mission directly from APM)
On the field:
  • APM is linked to Andropilot
  • Spline waypoints are completely removed/erased from APM 2.6
  • "Normal" waypoints remain
  • Is this Andropilot's normal behaviour ( removing from the APMs script any unsupported manoeuvre )? 
  • Even if it does not support spline waypoints, cannot just "not erase" the APM's mission tasks?
  • Is there any "override" feature?

Thank you

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  • happens to me too, current version wipes out the spline missions.

    • you have to use 3.2 RC2 firmware or above to use spline wps

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