My last working configuration was APM 2.6 with Xbee 2.4 GHz radios. This worked great in both Andropilot and Mission Planner. I swapped out the Xbee radios for 3DR 915 MHz radios. The new radios work fine in Mission Planner. I can read location, telemetry, everything I'd expect.

HOWEVER, the new 915 MHz ground radio using the same OTG cable on my Android get stuck "Looking for Vehicle". It moves from "Looking for radio" to "Looking for vehicle" when I plug the new radio into my Android USB port. All the lights are solid green and the radios look happy, but Andropilot can't find my quad. 

Any ideas?



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  • Same here, still no solution? Could not find a way how to get it work..

  • Same here! 3DR Services and Tower work great with the radio, Andropilot works with direct USB connection to Pixhawk, and doesn't work with the radio. Do 3DR Services use a different driver? 

  • Thanks for the replies. The same Android devices worked fine with an XBee Pro radio, which can draw up to 340 mA. Plus, all the lights appear happy when plugged into the Android.

    When I plug the radio into a Windows computer, it says it is a Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART bridge. Some cursory googling brought me to the Silicon Labs site, and I'd have to compile the Android kernel from scratch to include this driver. I am afraid that isn't an option. 

    I did some more googling and tried Tower (Droidplanner 3) and it worked out of the box. 

  • Does the radio get power when you plug it into your device? If not then that could also be the issue - it needs more power than your device can supply. In that case you may need to use an external powered USB hub.

    But that would probably be as much hassle as just using the laptop...
  • Your device probably doesn't have drivers built in for that radios chip set.

    Check which chip set it uses (cp210x, RFD, etc) and make sure your device has those drivers installed.
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