I flew my octaquad three times today at different times, however only the last log file seems to have been saved.

Is there some setting somewhere that I need to change to make it save all the logs from the flights and not just the last one of the day?

This is being run on a Samsung 8" Galaxy Tab.

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  • Well I found what was causing it. I had it set not to keep non flying logs. I turned that off and then noticed several Logs after the flight. Two matched the two flights that I did and a couple of small ones. The two seemed to play correctly in mission planner so is there a problem with how it detects whether there is any flight time in the log?
    • Developer

      oh - that is a really good find!  could you send me one of those tlogs?  ( and i'll take a look.

    • Here you go both actual flights. Usually the second one gets deleted.


  • Developer

    It defaults to saving all tlogs.  However, if you've enabled droneshare after uploading the tlogs will be moved from the "Logs" folder to the "Sent" folder.

    • No I haven't enabled droneshare and there is no sent folder under andropilot, a bit puzzling as to where they went!

    • Developer

      hmm - strange.  andropilot doesn't have any code to delete logs.  so a mystery ;-)

    • Maybe I am doing something to cause this then?

      This is what I do....

      Turn on the drone

      Connect receiver cable to my galaxy tab and wait for it to start andropilot and establish the connection and download the parameter files (it recorded three parameter files correctly today at the correct times of the separate flights)

      I then fly the mission, turn off the drone and then unplug the receiver cable from the galaxy tab. I then exit andropilot.

      I repeated these steps each time I flew today, but ended up with only the last log.

      Is that the correct way to use it?

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      that's correct usage, and yep - you should have had three logs.  You might try rebooting your tablet and then seeing if more logs are listed in the directory.  I've heard that there may be bugs in the 'sdcard' browser on android.

    • Happened again tonight. Two flights and only the first log, yet two parameter files at the correct times.

    • Ok, I'll do that thanks Kevin.

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