I need some input....

I'm trying to convert one of my current air frames into a VTOL platform and I'm looking for recomndations for motor and prop combos.  

My air frame is a Foamaroo: Roo Link

I'm trying to pick up about 1500 grams without a battery and I'm thinking a 4 cell Lipo in the 6k range for that.  

I've run I've run it through ecalc and it looks like I can go with either a higher RPM and smaller motors or go with slower turning and bigger props.  I just don't have any experience on which way to turn here.  My though is since all it's gotta do is pick up the plane and not actually do much with it to go with the faster motors and smaller props.  That being said I can swing an 11" prop pretty easily so I could go the other way as well.

Opinions?  I'm outta my comfort zone here....



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From the point of view of efficiency (and thereby noise), larger props that turn slower are beneficial. As you said already, they will all do their job, and small props increase responsitivity and therefore faster control. Now, it's the question of what is more important to you....

Hi, My 2 cents, I have gone to a high voltage 6 cell systems= lower current, lighter wiring, less current induced magnetic interference, low kV motors more efficient props.but most hardware is not designed for the higher voltage so be aware of your specs. when choosing ESC, BEC, etc

Are the motors used only for lift?  What kind of performance do you need in forward flight, and does that use different motors/props? I would say bigger props if you don't need lots of acceleration. 

Yeah at this point I was pretty much just planning on using them for takeoff and having a seperate motor that handles forward flight. Reading the options it looks like you can set them to help in the corners as well but that's probably down the road a bit for me on this one.

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