I can't seem to make my telemetry connect.  I had a crash and after the crash the telemetry wouldn't connect.  I replaced the the air module thinking that I had broken it on impact but after I switched it out I still can't hook up.  My air module is flashing Green and Red but my ground module is only flashing green? I uploaded new firmware to the module and it seemed to be successful then I loaded the settings and copied them to the remote but I still don't get the flashing red light on the ground module.

Anything else I can do before I have to replace the ground module?



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  • Obviously, I'm messed up here.  I thought it was talking but the lights are blinking not solid.  I guess I had a brain fart.....  I'll need to come up with a FTDI cable an try again.



  • How could you copy settings to remote, if there's no connection betweenn ground and air (both green LEDs are blinking)?

    You should read all parameters from ground module, connect air module to PC via USB-UART converter (commonly known as "FTDI cable") and upload this parameters to air module (BTW you can upload firmware only via cable, so you should do this on both modules).

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