A new job means I have all the above kit unused in my attic.

Jeff Taylor who runs Event 38 is a regular contributor here and at the forefront when it comes to UAV mapping. See event38.com if you arent familiar with his stuff.

Jeff tells me that they are about to upgrade their fixed wing offering which will be more expensive, so this package will no longer be available.

Everything is calibrated and ready to go to start mapping.

As well as a brand new Canon SX260, I also have a used one in excellent condition which I bought to convert for NDVI analysis. I also have the Schott BG3 filter glass ready cut to fit in the SX260 as sold by Event 38. I believe they now sell a custom version.

I am in the UK and would want £1000 for everything plus the cost to cover whatever shipping arrangement is agreed on. Thats less than I paid including import duty and shipping.

Whats included:

Skywalker airframe as customised by Event 38 with APM 2.6, telemetry, cut out for camera etc,

Turnigy 9x 2.4GHz Remote Control with FrSky Module and LiPo battery

4s 5000mha flight battery

Accucel 6 balanced LiPo charger

Unused Canon SX260 loaded with CHDK

Used Canon SX260 + Schott BG3 filter glass for NDVI conversion

The telemetry is 433mhz for European use.

Here is the link to Event38 long range package. The link to the standard package doesnt seem to work, maybe as its now discontinued, but it gives an idea of what you get.


I'd love to have time to use this, but its just lying idle and needs to be flown.



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  • Anyone want to make me a sensible offer for this kit?

    • I'd be interested in the kit but we'd have to check shipping.



    • I'd be interested in the plane without the cameras if someone else wanted the cameras or the 433mhz telemetry.  Will you ship to the US?  


    • Hi Simon would you consider selling the camera separate? Msg me if possible.
    • Hi Simon,

      I'm interested, Looking for the best offer.

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