3DR limited Range?


I'm having some issues with my 3DR radio.  I've tried reverting my settings back to default and replacing my antennas but I haven't been able to get my range much past 20ft before my connection fails.  I've graphed my log and it looks fine to me but maybe someone else has a different opinion?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My air module did take a pretty good beating on a crash but I don't know of any other diagnostics that I can run on the board itself.



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    Hi Dean,

    That graph looks fine - I presume that is at the 1 meter standard test range? (see the 3DR Radio doc page).

    Get another graph outside as you walk the APM away from the ground station, so we can see what happens when it cuts out. If you have a GPS attached we can plot signal vs range.

    Cheers, Tridge

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