A solution to weird gyro drifting and stuff

So I have been buying APM boards quite a bit because it seemed every one I got had some sort of weird gyro drift. Tonight I discovered the reason behind this is my xbee module. Mounting it to close to the APM causes weird interference it seems making the horizon jump around. I disconnected it finally and its all working fine.


Just a tip to those having issues...

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  • Nice! hmm did your horizon jump around before you throttled up or did it only start after throttling up? we're having the same problem but we're leaning on vibrations. Anyway will try this later


  • Developer

    I ran into similar problems when my GPS was mounted too close to the top of the IMU. I have since shielded all of my cables and the issues have gone away. I also use the hardware filters on the IMU just in case.

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