Y6 Pulso 2820/14's with 13x6 APC electrics

Alright guys, here's the big heavy lift y6 I have been working on for almost 2 months now! I had it flying perfectly until a crash involving some motor troubles but now that is all sorted out now. I have re-routed the wires through the arms, stepping down the gauge significantly to do so. I also added lights, and as of now am powering the entire thing on one 12v filtered variable PSU rail and a 5v BEC for just the radio.

My wireless video TX is coming in next week and I already have all the wires in place for it, The go pro mount is stabilized, crudely. Check out the pictures.



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  • I think it looks cool as is.  Video of it in action?

  • The wiring isnt that bad, the tape battery holder is temporary, I just JBwelded some aluminum bar in the place of the tape that the batteries and video TX will be attached to. The only reason the wiring looks sloppy is because theres so much of it in such a tight space.

  • 3692305223?profile=originalHere is mine, still in beta testing, flys solid, Have my mesh guard ready to go to tidy up a few wires!, Im fussy with keeping it tidy

  • I hope it tastes better then it looks!, it needs a tidy up, seriously it looks like a birds nest with lights!, Watch up for the aluminum arms cutting thru your motor wires get some mesh guard doesnt cost anything and keeps your wires safe and tidy!!, Do it once! do it right!



  • look nice.. just the battery mount need to be firm, if possible center of frame for stability.. just my 2 cents

  • Work on yur batterie Mount ! that's more important than Flashing LED ;)

  • Looks good. Would you mind giving more details about your power set-up? What do you mean by "12v filtered variable PSU rail"? And are you feeding all 12v into your BEC?
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