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Very new to this, come from mineral exploration background and interested in developing aerial photography/recon platform at the very least... Arducopter seems like a lovely plastic place from which to explore the possibilities. I am one of what I'm sure is a large new group 'around here' - a convert through an ARDrone. It's fun and interesting, but I want MORE! Nothing has captured my imagination like this in a couple of decades. Fer real.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Mostly hobby, with an open mind. Very green. I think I've found my hobby for middle-age. Want to learn it all, slowly slowly... But y'know, I'm about the joyride. Quadcopters with cameras taking pretty pictures... FPV immersion... A million crashes from now....



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Nick Mann commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post AR Drone 2.0 teardown
"There's a newish and truly plug and play quad with GPS and RTH that everyone here surely knows of by now, the DJI Phantom, for around 7 hunj.  It lacks the video feed, protective rings and indoor pos hold, but is otherwise a far superior beast to…"
Feb 28, 2013
Nick Mann replied to Austin Ford's discussion 3DR Hexa APM 2.5 only 4 of 6 motors spinning in ArduCopter User Group
"Simplest possibility - are you set to hexa and not quad?  You can test the motors/ESCs individually by putting the ESC's UBEC cable straight into your receiver's throttle channel - I assume this is how you calibrated them, so they must work, but did…"
Nov 19, 2012
Nick Mann replied to Randy Brazeau's discussion Can't leave the ground. in ArduCopter User Group
"Are your props spinning the right way?  Are they plugged into the correct channels as per the wiki?  Do the hand test!  Hold on tight and clear to the underbelly and apply throttle - you'll soon see where the drive isn't coming from."
Sep 15, 2012
Nick Mann posted a blog post
Sep 11, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Nick Mann's blog post Battery Holy Grail on the Horizon
"Thanks James.  This is exciting stuff."
Jul 26, 2012
Nick Mann posted a blog post
This might not be news to some, but for those that it is...  Amazing.  Imagine a super light material that could be both frame AND battery.  Imagine hours of electric flight time with a quad.  Or even one hour.  New lighter-than-air material may be…
Jul 26, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Nick Mann's blog post Remote Western Australia
"@Jerry Normandin
Looks like a nice little frame.  The flamewheel has the advantage of the built-in PDB in the base-plate, but this HK one has the extra shelf for instrumentation (things get pretty crammed on the flamewheel).  Will be interesting to…"
Jun 12, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Nick Mann's blog post Remote Western Australia
"Thanks, Hai, I'll keep that in mind in future.  The two lads in the water were my workmates, so it was a consensual fly-over!  Nonetheless, I know this is against the rules.  You fly in Perth, yes?  Is there a UAV group you're in or could we not…"
Jun 12, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Nick Mann's blog post Remote Western Australia
"Thanks, Jerry.  That's only the northern part of West Aus, and not many people get up there, so it's not a prime example of Australia in general...  Good luck with the flying.  Trusting my machine and myself enough to fly over water was a huge step…"
Jun 10, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Nick Mann's blog post Remote Western Australia
"Well, the gorge with the harmless, freshwater croc was Windjana Gorge, and swimming was not allowed there on indigenous grounds.  The swimming was at the crocless (maybe) Bell Gorge.  The huge structure is the Devonian Reef, an ancient coral reef…"
Jun 9, 2012
Nick Mann posted a blog post
Jun 9, 2012
Nick Mann posted a blog post
Just a little basic lesson in how gyros work... for us newbs.Dragonflies are always leading the way.  When we have hyper~efficient dragonfly~wingsystems, the rotor will be made Model~T~obsolete. But that's down the road a tad....
Mar 24, 2012
Nick Mann left a comment for Adam Kroll
"Hi Adam,

I also responded in a non-public message two days ago - I only then realised that these were on a public 'wall'.  I hope it's clear that Andrew was really very cagey and gave me nothing close to vital information.  

Sadly we weren't doing…"
Feb 17, 2012
Nick Mann replied to Adam Kroll's discussion Innovative airborne platform UAV for airborne mining surveying
"Sounds a bit like the D-Dalus..  near-mythical beast it is....  "
Feb 14, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Ground based autopilot notes
"If we can just work out how to transmit power through air, you could have a craft which is basically nothing but frame, motors and props...  escs, maybe....  What are GRASP doing?  Are their little beasties controlled only from the central brain bug?"
Feb 8, 2012
Nick Mann commented on Karla Jean Fripp's blog post Hobbies for Girls, Apparently!!
"@Karla: but what of multirotor choices?  These are mind-blowingly many and ever-expanding...  It helps, I guess, that most of them are way too expensive for the average Joe."
Jan 20, 2012