Super-Zippy AC2 - modded ESCs

Many of you probably know about this.  Jason explained it's about removing the low pass filter from the ESC firmware.  Pretty fiddly procedure, but looks to be very worth it.  See links under video.

 Most stable, responsive Arducopter vid I'm yet to see...  



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  • I put mine to the test for the first time today.  Remarkable improvement.  To get the stability and it make it fly properly I had to raise the Stb P to 6.8 on AC2.1 .  I did not burn my own, I purchased from and they worked very well.  I hope to get a video out in a few days.  It should be mentioned as a option in the Wiki, even better if they were shipped with then.

  • I got some time to do this today and the leap in stability is excellent! Perhaps this should become recognised in the wiki as an advanced option.

    For anyone using an avrispmkII programmer with AVRDUDE on Windows, the drivers that ship with AVRStudio don't work with DOS applications so I used these on Windows instead and it worked fine. I also had to add the -P usb flag:
  • Yes, Ken @ QuadroUFO told me when ordering just email him about your order and request SimonK's FW.  He is in CA, USA.  I was told that also by the group/thread over on RCGroups Forums.  Ken said he only has 30A ESC's but that is OK with me.

  • These??

    DYS 30A Brushless ESC,
  • I ordered a set of modded ESC from today that offers the FW.  I hope to try them out next weekend sometime when they arrive.  The reflash was free.  I hope for good results.
  • Developer
    There is no ESC range calibration in tgy.hex and I think low point set lower than 1000 by default.
    Just lower it a bit see if it works
  • @Max

    I'm rubbish at programming my TX! When you say lower the endpoint? You mean lower the bottom endpoint because the motors have a tendency to start when the throttle stick is at the bottom?

    Thanks for the photos, very useful!

  • Developer

    I used tgy.hex, lust like it says in the guide, (Build from 2011-09-06) , there is another one in that, I guess, is newer.

    Remember you CAN NOT flash it back to original firmware !!! and NO PROPS !!!

    If someone want to compile fine-tuned .hex for ACM please do :)

    Faster ESC update speed, enables higher P value, I got up to P=7 !!! (JDrones frame), after some flying ended-up with P= 5.8 and it flying really nice now :)

    No need to change anything in ACM code :)

    2.0.55 is very good, so its not all in the ESC firmware ;) Thanks to Jason !!!

    I flashed JDrones 20A ESC



    One more thing, you may need to lower throttle end-point on your radio:

    to 115-120%


    Big thanks to simonk, Nek and timecop :)

  • Im interested to know what particular Hex file users get good results with.

    If users can report results back heee, ill do the same..
  • Okay, well if you look at the vid on youtube you'll get these, but here we go....

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