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  • Nick, if i've learnt anything from Gareth it's that you must have the right thrust to lift the total weight of the copter. ( hope I'm getting it right) I believe it all comes down to programming with regards to flight. I have no idea how many diferent copters there are out there. I do like the one below. I think it's safe and it looks nice. The props scare me, especially when the dogs are just sitting there and have no idea that the prop could give them stitches3692339510?profile=original

  • @Ellison: I too doubt that people will have quads following them around autonomously. ALTHOUGH alot of smart people said that no one would ever need a personal computer in their home. At the end of the day, we cant predict accurately enough the advances in an industry that is still in its infancy. There are hundreds of uses for UAVs that we havent even thought of yet. Who knows when the next equivalent of "first person shooters" or the word proccessor of the multirotor world will mix things up a bit.

  • Write not right!!

  • Nick as a woman I like things that are cute. The quad pod is cute. Gareth has one. He says it's too difficult for me to fly because it doesn't have all the programming and the correct board which would make it like the quad copter. He does however have the APM 2 which i see he wants to put into the Quadpod. I have been told that he will make the Quadcopter available for me to learn on.

    I must say that the first ardu pilot Gareth got was a nightmare. He spent nearly 2 months trying to fix it himself and eventually decided it was a hardware fault. I have since seen how the boards have developed and he's shown me how they have been upgraded and therefore made smaller. It fascinates me how everything is so small and it works. For me it is mind boggling and therefore I have respect for designers and programmers. I would love to be able to understand and maybe right a programme ( only in my dreams). I have seen Gareth right the odd programme and it's amazing. When you have some insight on how it all works the respect grows. If only other girls could understand that there hair straightners wouldn't work if it weren't for a board!

  • As for electronics there isn't much choice. A 100 ohm resistor can only be itself..

    You couldnt be more wrong. I promise you theres more types of motherboards/cpus/gpu's currently available than there has ever been shampoos...

  • Karla, positive and negative connected together without a load creates a short.  Ask Gareth, if that's a good thing. ;-)

    Gareth, I heard about a hair removal product on TV that just burns away hair instantly.  Wouldn't you be interested in knowing how it worked?  Just as interesting as the "multirotor revolution", which by the way is not coming.  I seriously doubt that everyone will be walking around with their own personal quad following them.  But I think everyone will need one of those hair blasters.

  • @Karla: but what of multirotor choices?  These are mind-blowingly many and ever-expanding...  It helps, I guess, that most of them are way too expensive for the average Joe.

  • @Ellison. You obviously aren't looking in the right place for your girls. There is always a positive for a negative. A battery and relationship have that in common.

  • Thanks John, He just doesn't realise, wink wink. In all fairness Gareth has taught me alot and always encourages me to read intelligent stuff. It's not our fault that society has made all these rules for girls and how they should look and act.

    I spent at least 10 minutes trying to choose the right shampoo. Why can't they just have 3 choices?? As for electronics there isn't much choice. A 100 ohm resistor can only be itself.. You just have to learn the colours!!

  • @Sgt Ric: Is the helicopter coming to pick up Barbie?

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