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  • Could easily replace cars. No more roads. Climb in, push home, sit back and read a book...

  • Karla, are you familiar with Greek mythology, or every seen the movie "Clash of the Titans"?  There's this robotic flying owl, called Bubo:

    It would carry secret messages around for me, scout around for me when I'm in the woods, not that I go into the woods too often.  Generally it would act as my wings.  But then, if we cracked the battery storage issue, there's no reason we couldn't fit ourselves with propellers and fly around ourselves, with personal air transport pod.

  • Ellison what would this personal quad do?

  • Thanks Gareth but I must admit I think I am in over my head. I won't give up though. There is too much to learn. I am not burning my bra though!! :)

  • @ellison: Imagine a quad powered by a small over-unity generator that could stay aloft for days at a time... Hit record on the camera and send it on a 1000km return trip...

  • I have to give you one thing Karla, you have big balls posting on DIY Drones! A community made up of 99% technical guys...

    Well done!

  • Karla, yes, a 100 ohm resistor will do.  It'll generate a little heat, but no spectacular shorts. ;-)

    Gareth, you know if anyone can come up with a solution to the short battery life issue, I can think of all kinds of things to do with my quad.  Then one would not rule out the possibilities of personal quads as companions.

  • But the battery will only work if it has positive and negative??!!

  • Ok i've been told my comparison with the 100 ohm resistor was wrong.

  • Ellison I knew when I use the battery as an example that it wasn't a good idea!! :) I am terrible at explaining.

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