Quad with 2x20A + 2x30A ESCs

Is there any reason why the title would present a problem?  I had a faulty 20A ESC and blew another one.  I had spare 30A ESCs for a planned upgrade and read around - the scant info found suggested that higher current capacity shouldn't matter.  I'm running the 850kV motors and a 2650mAh, 3s lipo.  


NB: quad still yet to fly.  Just curious as to general thoughts from the learned on this. 

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  • Shouldn't be a problem.  The 30A one is possibly the same as the 20A except for some additional FET's. It may just run a bit cooler.  You need to calibrate them together, obviously.

    A mate once broke a motor on his experimental quad.  While waiting for a replacement, he put a pair of completely different motors (kV and size) on one axis (in + config).  It flew fine, apart from some yaw control imbalance.

  • So I have 2 20A ESCs across one axis and 2 30As across the other.  I don't think I was clear on that.  Should that present any problems?

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