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Dave replied to Dave's discussion Maxbotix XL-EZ0 (MB1200) Sonar Sensor Stops Working At Low Temperatures
"Hi Pedro,
Since getting it back from Maxbotix, it's never really worked.  It seems to give good readings statically, but when flying, it won't work properly despite efforts with electrical noise and vibration reduction.  Now, whether that's the…"
May 5, 2014
Dave replied to David Anders's discussion Location in Melbourne
"Live: Balwyn
Fly: Gladysdale (near Powelltown)"
Jan 21, 2013
Dave replied to Sakar's discussion Really......
"On some motors, the shaft sticks out the bottom by a mm or so.  Check that it's not binding on the motor mount."
Nov 3, 2012
Dave replied to AJEsq's discussion Ardupilot Randomly Loses Control\Stability Resulting In Crash
"Not being an expert log analyser myself, I can't help from that side. 
However, from the symptoms, it sounds like you might be intermittently losing a motor.  Front flip suggests it's perhaps the front motor.  One of the common causes of this is a…"
Nov 2, 2012
Dave replied to John Campen's discussion Better Safety Functions
"You could connect this to channel 8 of your receiver:
Use it to switch off the +5V to the APM.  That'll kill it!"
Aug 29, 2012
Dave posted a discussion
I've started having intermittent problems with the sonar sensor on my quad.  It has performed very well up until recently.  It is now winter (in southern Australia).  One morning, I flew in temperatures of around 5C and the MB1200 gave zero output…
Aug 17, 2012
Dave replied to Jonas Bohlin's discussion RTL: Landing problems
"The sonar is very sensitive.  Mine reacts to a wire fence from 2m above.  You need to be sure the field of view of the sonar is completely clear of anything, including wires.
There's also a possible bug in the sensor that causes it to stop working…"
Aug 17, 2012
Dave replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Is anybody using Motor_LEDS?
"Is there documentation yet for the LED code built into the latest releases?  If so, can someone point me to it?
I've searched high and low and can't find anything much that makes sense."
Aug 15, 2012
Dave replied to UAVOZ's discussion any restriction to use 900MHz freq. for UAV in AUS?? and how to get permission??
"Delayed answer but ... yes, we can use the 915 - 928 MHz ISM band with certain power limits, but without any special license. 
The 3DR radios have configuration settings to make them legal in Aus: http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/3DRadio"
Aug 9, 2012
Dave replied to Justin Finkle's discussion Throttle controls half backward
"Instead of reversing on the APM, set the Throttle to reversed on your transmitter."
Aug 2, 2012
Dave replied to Bob Wilkinson's discussion Copter LEDS with APM2?
"Try wiring the LED with red to +5V and black to AN7.  When the output goes low, the LED will go on."
Aug 2, 2012
Dave replied to James Roney's discussion Attopilot 180A
Jun 21, 2012
Dave replied to U2's discussion May day May day. We need immediate help in setting up fail safe on Ardupilot
"There are several possibilities for Failsafe.
Depending on your Radio, it may have Failsafe built into the Receiver.  Typically, you set the Transmitter controls to the required Failsafe settings (e.g. Throttle down), then you re-bind the Receiver…"
Jun 14, 2012
Dave replied to Christopher Loesch's discussion What am I doing wrong?
"Probably just a bad connection between motor and ESC causing the jittering. 
However, it seemed to fly OK when you had it in the air for that 4 second period ... until an arm came off.
Seems to me your main problem is the unglued PVC joints. …"
Jun 11, 2012
Dave replied to Rick Eis's discussion Sonar
"I tried Alt Hold at about 30 cm yesterday over a flat surface (tennis court).  Each time, the quad was unstable and would slowly rise to ~ 75 cm before stabilising.
I haven't looked at the logs yet.  However, there is a large amount of prop wash…"
Jun 4, 2012
Dave replied to Asaak's discussion 6 mode position with flysky+er9x
"It's important to adjust the weightings of the inputs in the correct order, as some of them interact.  I followed this guide: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/mode-switch-setup-for-turnigy
Mission Planner in the Radio Setup window will tell you…"
Jun 1, 2012