Brighton, MA

About Me:

I'm an energy consulting engineer working on building efficiency.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've used the Arduino for other projects, but using it for UAVs is much more complicated and sounds interesting. I'd like to initially use a UAV to do some great aerial photography, but hopefully find other applications later.

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Justin Finkle posted a discussion
I had my hexacopter on the back burner as I put together some wooden arms together for it.Anyway, I updated the Mission Planner software and reloaded the firmware onto the APM. I did the radio calibration and now my throttle is sort of backwards.…
Aug 2, 2012
Justin Finkle replied to Justin Finkle's discussion Wireless Video Setup
"I think the 5.8 ghz seems to be the best option for range and lack of interference. I plan to use telemetry so the 900 mhz and 2.4 ghz frequencies are off limits. 
I had looked before on RangeVideo but missed the 5.8ghz tx/rx modules. They're pretty…"
Jan 20, 2012
Justin Finkle posted a discussion
There have been a varying number of threads on this, but the information seems to have changed.I'd like to set up a wireless video system. I'll probably forgo video for photography, but nevertheless I'd still like to see the CCD image on a laptop as…
Jan 11, 2012
Justin Finkle posted a discussion
I'm looking to get a battery (or batteries) for a hexacopter. As the name implies it has 6 of these motors. So if I've calculated things out properly, and I'm just learning about this stuff now, the maximum current draw should be 120A plus whatever…
Dec 12, 2011
Justin Finkle posted a discussion
I'm very new the RC world and I'm trying to pick a radio system for a hexacopter. The three wireless components I'll probably have are the RC controls, XBee telemetry, and a video downlink.I'm thinking RC at 2.4Ghz, XBee at 900Mhz, and Video at some…
Dec 7, 2011