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UAVOZ replied to Antonius Lourenço Kasbergen's discussion X8 Wing for Mapping?
"IMO Flying wing has low stability. It is harder to modify with gimbal unless you have very good control board. For mapping will need some degree of accuracy."
Mar 9, 2014
UAVOZ posted a discussion in Melbourne
I have a good news from ZEROUAV that the company will release NEW octocopter model soon. and has a very good price for the current model of its Octocopter, 5D gimbal and electronic set. Only 50 sets will be sold with the promo price.please contact…
Mar 7, 2014
UAVOZ replied to David Anders's discussion Location in Melbourne
"i m in clayton. pretty hard to find large open field here."
May 11, 2013
UAVOZ left a comment on Techpod Users
"want to buy one but how to order it?"
Mar 23, 2013
UAVOZ commented on Leo Hogg's blog post UAV Portable Base Station
"Please show me closer pictures how can you power your monitor. The Samsung monitor has its power adaptor with it. "
Jan 2, 2013
UAVOZ replied to Lai Bo Liang's discussion TASE gimbals
"I had some info that the price of TASE is appx $18000-24000 so how much does your uav (airframe) cost? that's why people here dont  use it."
Jan 2, 2013
UAVOZ commented on Leo Hogg's blog post UAV Portable Base Station
That's very handy UPS! How can you connect the UPS with AC power as it is for DC input??"
Jan 2, 2013
UAVOZ posted a discussion in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
I am progressing to the flight phase of my skywalker set up and interested in adding auto landing function. the flight mode wiki does not contain details about auto landing function. Does anyone complete writing the script for this feather??
Dec 27, 2012
UAVOZ replied to armin's discussion paparazzi vs ardupilot
"IMO it is about the flight characteristic of the UAV and not the flight control boards/software you are using. The telemetry component may have some impact on the boards.
I have used both paparazzi and APM. I think APM is more user friendly because…"
Dec 27, 2012
UAVOZ commented on crystal garris's blog post Techpod production update
"I did not have reply email from you, Waynes."
Dec 15, 2012
UAVOZ replied to UAVOZ's discussion new to use APM2.5 with rx/tx question in ArduPlane User Group
"I am using a Futaba T6J. Are there anything to do with setting this Radio?"
Dec 14, 2012
UAVOZ commented on Randall Kolchins's blog post Low Cost Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom (FLIR PTZ) Gimbal WISH LIST
"I would love to have additional extension/retraction system as an option to this camera."
Dec 13, 2012
UAVOZ posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hi I have just finished assemble my skywalker with APM2.5 and ground tested. From the wiki setting up manual is using 3 position sw. for manual/auto switching from a radio but now I am using Futaba T6J which have a 2 position sw. How can I set this…
Dec 6, 2012
UAVOZ replied to Dries Raymaekers's discussion Mapping with the X8 wing
"great pic. I m waiting for your new sample."
Nov 9, 2012
UAVOZ posted a discussion
I am new to this activity so I would like to know abbreviation in DRONE/UAV operations. Please list them here alphabetically or if you have a link for the source where I can look up words that's great.
Oct 27, 2012
UAVOZ replied to Gareth Rens's discussion UAV for photogrammetry / surveys
"@Joe, Could you please tell me how you set and control the Camera (SAMSUNG NX200/210)?. What difference between the Samsung lens and Pentax. I think it has 16mm in the kit. 
Oct 22, 2012