paparazzi vs ardupilot


please compare paparazzi with ardupilot for this mission :

uav specs :

1) mass~30 kg

2) 3 m span

3) 2.5 m length

4) conventional tail

5) gas engine

mission specs :

1) 5 km range

2) 1500 m alt

3) 2 hr  endurance

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  • IMO it is about the flight characteristic of the UAV and not the flight control boards/software you are using. The telemetry component may have some impact on the boards.

    I have used both paparazzi and APM. I think APM is more user friendly because it can run on Windows but you need to have UBUNTU/LINUX to run paparazzi. You need to know a lot about C++ to use paparazzi.

    PS I am not an expert so somebody can give you more/different opinion.

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