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  • 100KM

    I am approaching 3 years on my first Techpod.  It is amazing how many hours of flight time you can build up on a Techpod.   Typically I get about 2.5 hours of flight time at 13 m/s airspeed using two 6600 mAhr 4s batteries.   Cruises at 13m/sec and 70 watts.  I was getting under 60 watts but I think with age I am getting a bit more wing twist.

    Have so much time on this Techpod airframe that the rudder hinging material wore out.   One of the hitec aileron servos went out too, last year.   Was a little surprised to find out that the average expected life of RC servos is only about 100 hrs.


  • Admin

    Hi All,

    As far as the HS 65 servos go, is it better to use the metal gear (MG) model in place of the Karbonite gear (HB) model?



  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I am new to the Techpod User Group, but not to DIY Drones.

    After having flown a couple of custom modified EZ*s and TwinStar IIs, I have been thinking about building a Techpod.

    Therefore I am interested if anyone has integrated a Pixhawk into the Techpod fuse?

    I believe that Wayne has integrated an APM2.5 into his fuse.

    If any of the members has integrated a Pixhawk into his Techpod, could you please pm me.



  • Hi,

    If you are interested, we have started a detailed Techpod build log at boltrc.com.


    boltrc.com | RC, UAV, FPV and more
  • Kickstarter and first orders commenced shipping today. Emails with tracking info will be sent out early next week.

    Our boltrc.com store checkout module has been improved to provide real time delivery costs for the Techpod. Some minor mods still required however a big step forward.

  • I are am pleased to confirm that the Techpods have arrived in Australia and have now cleared customs. Shipping commences this week.

    Kickstarter’s, please contact us at admin@boltrc.com if you have not already received an email from us.

  • Hey all, I hope all is well.  I've almost got my kickstarter techpod completed.  I was just wondering if there are any v2.0 fixes or suggestions that I should implement prior to beating the crap out of this plane?  Thanks.


  • Hi James, that is correct. I have your details from Wayne. I have sent you a pm so we don't mistakenly disclose any personal detail on this board.

    BTW, Kickstarter buyers you can purchase any of the parts from our store and have the parts delivered for free with their plane. Just select pickup from store option on checkout.



  • That is great news Mark. I assume you will also be distributing the original kick starter orders (of which I am one)?
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Techpod in Benin for meteorology experiment

Hello allI was in Benin for DACCIWA Campaign with 3 techpod modified for scientic experiment.I used the plane for meteorological measurement.You can find some image in http://dacciwa.sedoo.fr/source/photos/index.php?nav=photos&dir=Save( you'll see an other uas from german university, very nice plane 25kg )I put the poster of the campaign in attach.To resume: 14 flight with scintific data. The aerology was very strong, some time the plane have some diffculty to go back to ground. Because of the…

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Techpod french certifcation

Hello allThe Techpod with some modification for turbulence measurement ( OVLITA ) have been certified by the french administration for Scenario S1 and S2 ( 1000 m distance from pilote, out of view) with the Pixhawk autopilote (http://isarra.org/ISARRA2014_abstracts/ISARRA_2014_Abstract_Cernov.pdf)Next Step one month measurement campaign in africa in june 2016Patrice MEDINAResearch Ing,  Toulouse University

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Techpod model for X-plane or other sim?

Hi all,Does anyone have, or is aware of, a model of the Techpod suitable for use in X-Plane or another sim? I am doing some development work with a UDB5 which includes hardware in the loop testing in X-Plane, and it would be nice to have a proper model to use instead of the default RC plane which comes in the sim. Obviously Wayne has the models he used to develop the plane in the first place, but I understand that they might contain more detail than he wants to release?Apologies if this already…

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