•  ,here is my plane, you may have a look

  • Hello to all, we are developing a concept of safe for the skywalker x8 and other fixed wing drones, which give them 
    greater precision and performance, besides protecting the equipment at the time of an impact. This system has gimbal,
    batteries of high duration and parachute. What do you think of our work? I am a young startup but eager to do
    different things. greetings friends


  • IMO Flying wing has low stability. It is harder to modify with gimbal unless you have very good control board. For mapping will need some degree of accuracy.

  • Not really--we have 2 for that purpose and although we made it work--it would not be my first choice. The wings are very flexible and that makes for a LOT of blurred pictures. Windy days--FORGET IT!!

  • Hi All, I'm over year late but have any of you got around to trying the X-8 for mapping or find any other opinions? Any good? 

  • 300km

    I'd like to know too if any one has any experience, or general experience about the suitability of wings, particularly this one.

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