new to use APM2.5 with rx/tx question

Hi I have just finished assemble my skywalker with APM2.5 and ground tested. From the wiki setting up manual is using 3 position sw. for manual/auto switching from a radio but now I am using Futaba T6J which have a 2 position sw. How can I set this function?

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  • I am using a Futaba T6J. Are there anything to do with setting this Radio?

  • Be careful...obviously it detects the position based upon a pwm range. If you have the functionality on the tx change the range of the output to 1000-1500ms rather than 1000-2000 (ish). Then you could use the first two modes in mission planner. Hope this helps. Do lots of ground testing before flying thought
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    With a 2 position switch you set it up to just pick between 2 modes, one of which is usually manual, although you can have it be something else if your radio has adequate end point adjustment.  Go to the mode setup in Planner and see which of the 6 potential modes your radio it hitting with its two switch positions...

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