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This is my fourth post in this forum and im glad that people who uses forum are all really kind :)  and kudos to the ones that replied my previous post.  

I just had a look at Cloud Cap`s TASE gimbals and it really sparks my interest in getting one but the only thing is that I would like to know the experience of these tase gimbals. It is integrated with an EO sensor which I have totally no idea what is really use for and an Infrared sensor. 

It is an attractive option but the problem is why is it not widely used?? I'm sure there were other systems that provides a much wider range and greater resolution but this system makes me think it is really something else!! But I m looking forward to a feedback of this component whether or not it is affordable either way and/or is it worth a consideration as a gyro stabilized multi sensor because I do not want to make any irrational decisions that ended up costing a fortune. Are there any other solutions available? I would like to have a system that could be used in SAR operations in fixed wing unmanned missions that provides long range as well object tracking function.



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  • I had some info that the price of TASE is appx $18000-24000 so how much does your uav (airframe) cost? that's why people here dont  use it.

  • Depends on what you think is "widely used" and who the audience is. Since this is DIY Drones I'd guess the cost is the most significant deterrent for members of this site. For example if the typical member spends from $500 to $2,000 on a drone it wouldn't make much sense to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on just the camera gimbal. If you're talking law enforcement and emergency response that's a completely different ballpark and my guess is a lot of agencies use gimbals like that if not those particular models already on helicopters.

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