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     Sorry, the email was not forwarding to my personal account like it should. I am sending you a reply now.

  • I did not have reply email from you, Waynes.

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    Here is a good place to start.
  • Great work! Where can we find information on Recommended Power Systems for the Techpod? It would be great to begin compiling set ups for performance evaluation.

  • Nice work Wayne, it's great to see you project coming to fruition. I too am looking forward to getting my techpod. I am currently flying a 2m FPV raptor as my primary UAV - it's great, but this will be a nice step up, particularly with the long flight times and load carrying ability.

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    Ya that will fit . Here is a cad file of the inner cavity

  • Hi Wayne, I was looking at kickstarter and hobbyuav and didn't see specs / dimensions on your payload area.  Do you have the defined somewhere?  I have a board that's about 5" x 3.5", and hope of fitting that inside?

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    Hey! thanks guys. The molds are made by the guys at worldmodels .

    Thanks for your support everyone!


  • Great progress Wayne!

  • Thanks for sharing this 'behind the scenes' look! This is a world many of us never get to see.

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