Spokane Valley, WA

About Me:

Degreed mechanical engineer working in aerospace manufacturing. I've previously spent time with the FAA doing air traffic control prior to switching over to engineering. I love to design and build 'things' and play with some cool stuff built by others, such as gas turbine jet engines (I've owned 5 so far).

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I joined DIYDrones back in 2008 when I first become interested in UAV's. I've since done a lot on the electronics/programming side of things. I've since designed my own "autopilot" from scratch using an Arduino and some sensors (as partially documented on my site below). www.NuclearProjects.com


Spokane Valley, WA

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Jesse replied to Tyler Troutt's discussion DIY IMU?
"A lot of the manufacturers offer free samples of the components they make. Just the components though, you'd still have to design/build the appropriate circuit to make them work. Daniel W Griffis said:
How did you get the parts for free?"
Sep 24, 2018
Jesse commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Drone startups swoop up millions
"Two sticks, four motors, a battery and controller... boom! Quadcopter. Looks like everyone and their brother are trying to concoct their own version. Very few stand apart from the rest."
Jan 8, 2015
Jesse commented on Thorsten's blog post Amazon plans to shift its drone research outside the U.S.
"The FAA can issue a NOTAMs and TFRs for various temporary flight operations, they do it all the time for everything from sporting events to rocket launches (like hobby/amateur types). Not sure why they can't also allow them for UAV use. That way…"
Dec 9, 2014
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post NASA's Ikhana captured the stunning video of Orion's splashdown
"Gotta love it... rocketry and drones united!"
Dec 6, 2014
Jesse commented on Simon D. Levy's blog post The Extended Kalman Filter: An Interactive Tutorial
"This is great! One of the best ways to learn/master a subject is to teach it. I'm sure you'll learn even more by creating this tutorial. I look forward to going through it! I too had a hard time trying to learn the EKF, still do. ;-)"
Dec 5, 2014
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post WSJ scoop on forthcoming FAA rules -- pilots license will be required for commercial use unless Congress intervenes
"Something that I could actually do commercially with my private pilot certificate! That's one plus I suppose. Although, a huge minus for those without one."
Nov 23, 2014
Jesse commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Amazon is hiring drone pilots
"With regards to an autopilot system, it can't safely land a package for delivery at  someones home. Way too many things that would prevent that. Without being able to automatically see and detect every possible obstacle (humans, dogs, mailbox,…"
Nov 15, 2014
Jesse commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Hollywood given the green light
"Great! So we can finally use our PPL's for generating an income, AND without having to keep our medical current. :-) win-win!"
Sep 25, 2014
Jesse replied to AerospaceVlogger's discussion Supersonic, I'm going to do it.
"This is proof that simply having a "degree" in something doesn't mean you actually know anything. But carry on, I'm just here for the entertainment value."
Sep 19, 2014
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Richard Branson invests in 3DR, drones invade Necker Island
"What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing. Mr. Branson could have sought out any drone company in the world, and he chose 3DR. That certainly says something."
Sep 5, 2014
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post NASA working on air traffic control for drones
"I'd imagine any sort of ATC system for drones would be a fairly automated one. Having done ATC myself for the FAA, human occupied aircraft can keep you busy enough, I couldn't image adding a slew of drones to the mix. Pre-approved corridors…"
Sep 4, 2014
Jesse commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Bend boy’s drone among those cited as ‘emerging hazard’ for forest firefighters
"When you make a product available for anyone, at any age, and any IQ level and any skill level, you're going to have all sorts of things go wrong."
Aug 26, 2014
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Drones in The November Man, new Pierce Brosnan film
"It looks like a good movie. Hasn't been many of those lately."
Aug 25, 2014
Jesse commented on Dan Murray's blog post Interest Groups Simultaneously File Three Lawsuits Challenging FAA's UAV Interpretation
"Stuff like this makes me glad I no longer work for the FAA (former ATC). Changes to rules and regs that just don't make sense. Very frustrating."
Aug 24, 2014
Jesse commented on Bob's blog post Man Creates Flying Hexacopter Drone With 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen
"Looks like a step-up from using toothpicks and hot glue. I'm still lost about the practical purposes of this 'pen'. It takes a lot man-power to create something, and lacks any of the precision and automation afforded by cheap 3D printers."
Aug 20, 2014
Jesse commented on Lester Haines's blog post Vulture 2 spaceplane unceremoniously strapped to van roof
"Right is... right. :-)"
Aug 7, 2014