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  • Gary,

    They recently posted jobs for Prime Air in Seattle as well.

  • Moderator

    They have already advertised the jobs in Cambridge UK, the USA is 10 years behind the rest of the world.

  • I am starting to think amazon will soon enter directly in the "consumer drone" market, like gopro announced some times ago, with some product like dji pahantom or parrot/sensefly bebop,

    They can't possibly be still so "barking mad" about this drone delivery thing....

  • Nah, it's probably cheaper to just buy a couple of Senators instead.

  • They might buy their own private island and test them.

  • The FAA can issue a NOTAMs and TFRs for various temporary flight operations, they do it all the time for everything from sporting events to rocket launches (like hobby/amateur types). Not sure why they can't also allow them for UAV use. That way companies like Amazon can request to use a small chunk of airspace without worrying about running into other aircraft.

  • I would like to know what country will be treated as experimental field. Not so funny thing considering Senat's CIA secret prisons report...

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