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From Mashable. Watch the video here (it won't embed for some reason)

We saw drones firing missiles at Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy, but in the spy game, those clunky old warbirds have got nothing on the stealthy eye-in-the-sky drones of The November Man.

Starring former 007 Pierce Brosnan, The November Man has modern hovering drones woven into the story: As the deadly ex-CIA agent stalks his mark, a drone is stalking him, allowing his team of handlers to coordinate his every move.

"The drones are always there, keeping track of everyone's movements and moving the story along," says the narrator in the above featurette that Relativity Media shared with Mashable.

And of course a spy agency would use drones to observe from the sky.

"A spy movie without that element wouldn't be up to date," director Roger Donaldson, who didn't just use the airborne cameras as story elements — he extensively used them to shoot it, too.

Donaldson liked the cameras so much that when drone pilot Justin Chapman and aerial photographer Chad King's two weeks of shooting were up, they were asked to stay — and wound up on set for nearly four months (they also got walk-on parts as CIA agents).

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  • Developer

    He's the guy on my N64 right? It has 3D. Not sure if it was printed though, and Perfect Dark was better!

  •  Now 3D print a shroud like that.  Who is old enough to have heard of Pierce Brosnan?

  • Poor design to have so much mass, so far off the CG.

    Having mass away from the GC isn't necessarily a poor design choice; it decreases agility but can increase stability through increased rotational inertia.

    Could be a good spy movie!

  • Poor design to have so much mass, so far off the CG. But it's a movie, it looks cool so it's ok. "Movie Physics" is always the best.

  • It looks like a good movie. Hasn't been many of those lately.

  • It's a DJI S800 with a large prop shroud.

  • Saw the previews on TV and thought they were CG ! Nice to see they are real.

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