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Hans H. replied to Drone-University.com's discussion Is full throttle better for the ESC then 75% or 50% throttle ?
"A drone who has engines at 100% can not balance. You must have 10% - 20% to keep the balance.

MOSFET + PWM ... no difference in efficiency 0% - 100%."
Jul 30, 2018
Hans H. commented on Duffy's blog post Performance design
"Have you considered some sort of folding feature to get the engines inside of the body? 
If the body has to be made bigger, how does it affect drag in comparison to having the engines as you now have?"
Jul 21, 2018
Hans H. commented on Arnaldo Santos's blog post New personal UAV BlackFly Opener
"It looks so light flying ... because it is a computer animation.
This is a combo design using a vtol vehicle with helium inside:"
Jul 21, 2018
Hans H. replied to Rafi Nahmani's discussion In Search of an Advanced Drone Build!
"You dont have a BEC.
You dont have a charger for the battery.
You dont have a GPS.
You ... like to have more then 1 battery.
You need a data link on 433MHz to get telemetry.
You need a laptop (and sunshade) to do map / telemetry / config in the…"
Jul 21, 2018
Hans H. commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Thermal Imaging for your Drone on a Budget
"The Seek Thermal camera is amazing in relation to the price. The problem is the lack of functioning drivers. "eevblog" has thousands of posts about different attempts. It's a mess.
If you've found working drivers please post a link here!
It would be…"
May 8, 2017
Hans H. replied to Vai's discussion Copter doesn't lift and draws less current than the maximum current it should actually draw.
"If you check on the status of the FC, does it really send 100% throttle to the ESC?
in any case, he needs at least 10% margin to be stabilizing."
Dec 8, 2016
Hans H. replied to Gisela & Joe Noci's discussion FCC and EU ETSI compliance requirements for all Radio Modules
"It's a bit bizarre in priority.
In Sweden we do not have the resources to investigate all murders. "Less important murders" (wtf?) will have to make do with very limited resources. Have you been robbed? Well, we'll get to that later... or not.

Dec 8, 2016
Hans H. replied to Aviv Cohen's discussion my new quadcopter built from scratch, but unstable - design problem?
"You're too close to the floor. You get ground effect.

Center of Mass contributes to "natural stabilization" = No, absolute not.

your drone is sure to work well. Test at 150 cm.
Your landing gear is likely to "grab" the soft ground = Drone overturn."
Nov 24, 2016
Hans H. replied to Freddy Alcarazo's discussion Apm 2.6 Impossible stabilization, what do you think about this problem? in ArduCopter User Group
Nov 18, 2016
Hans H. commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Some good (painful) physics lessons in trying to put a 360 video rig under a drone
"There are very many who have misunderstood how the drone keeps the balance.

Many believe that a drone keeping the balance in the same way as a sailing boat. A large keel with a weight makes it stable. It is a simple and attractive explanation. But…"
Nov 10, 2016
Hans H. replied to Christian S.'s discussion New promising VTOL Concept
"Design: Make wing big and "hide" the propellers inside the wing.
Is there anyone who have got this type of VTOL work?

The problem is that there is a contradiction in itself:Efficient flight as "drone" = large propellers, low pitch.Efficient flight…"
Nov 1, 2016
Hans H. commented on Pete Hollands's blog post Drones are not ready for the mass consumer market
Oct 31, 2016
Hans H. commented on Chris Anderson's blog post GoPro Karma teardown
"so if one MOSFET burns ... 800USD *poff* ???"
Oct 31, 2016
Hans H. replied to Dronez's discussion 6-7 Hour Flight time over ocean - some questions
"TAM was difficult to build because it had to weigh less than 5kg. If a model is allowed to weigh more, it becomes much easier. Shortcomings can be compensated with a larger fuel tank. Easy ... but it will not weigh 5kg. :D
Flitetest FT SEA DUCK…"
Oct 28, 2016
Hans H. commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"My drone for 250USD can do basically the same thing as "Mavic", some things better, some things worse. If I crash, I can turn to a forum to find out what went wrong and I can probably repair without major cost.
I do not need to guess what went wrong…"
Oct 21, 2016
Hans H. replied to Kaan Ozgen's discussion Quadcopter with 1 hour flight time
"Long Duration Drones, usually looks like this (extremely minimalist slim design and gigantic propellers):
[AUW 1570gr. Frame of 12mm carbon tubes, no landing gear]

Not like this:"
Oct 18, 2016