• T-Motor MN1806 1400kv and 2s1p 3500mah LiIon battery.  7x2.4 props.

    AUW 250g

    Artem Bulashev said:

    Quad with 7" prop that can Hoover 65min? I would love to see your set up? Motor/battery?
  • Quad with 7" prop that can Hoover 65min? I would love to see your set up? Motor/battery?
  • I'm building a quadcopter with 7 inch propellers myself. It shall fly for 65 minutes. Will report back after first flight :)

  • I am wondering what kind of task this cute quad can do?

  • Hi Artem, thank you very much for your comment. 

    We have changed the landing gear. It is not retractable nor foldable; however, it can be easily detached from the body. I will keep you up to date with the new material once they become available...



  • Have to agree here. making arms go directly to the main frame would have brought the weight of the copter down while not creating additional overlap - but, I guess the space would be an issue, so in order to keep smaller prop to prop diameter=overall size, that made such shape (It provided enough space for batteries and electronics while maintaining smaller footprint)

    I have been working on drone efficiency for years now and your landing gear may cause a lot of unnecessary air-disturbence. I advise you to re think them in favour of folding landing gears that would be installed on two edges and fold in inside towards the body and than arch around it to help with limiting prop clearance. This could also be a lighter solution (possibly)

    Andrew Rabbitt said:

    What's the idea with the funny airframe shape?  Is it to make it as flexible and structurally inefficient as possible...?

  • Thanks all for your patience. Here we've uploaded a recent test video:

    (Testing different motors and props upward - Flight time around 53 minutes.)

    Should you have any questions; feel free to contact me at

  • Do you have any video demonstrating this new motor technology, and putting some hard numbers to the performance data you are claiming? 

  • Halbach arrays motors & denser battery tech will not allow you flight time  to 60min with 11 propellers sorry Bro! you need minimum 16 inch prop and up to achieve sort of efficiency !! design would need to be very light! the driving factor is off the shelf components will not do this with 11 inch prop ! what ESC are you going to use to drive the Halbach arrays Motor? also air density and temperature can affect efficiency !

    regular small brushless motors with the same efficiency as Halbach arrays motors are on the market for sale 90% efficiency!

    I am actually designing Halbach arrays motors for CARS & motor bikes 47kw 100kw range!

  • Good stuff Roger and great work.

    1 hour (or two) multirotors are not only feasible,  there are several out there, e.g Forest Frantz's, or this one flying 2.5 hours  Also one hour drones even with a heavier payload than Gopro  are out there, 28" props with efficient motors will do it, I built one. (Staying in the realm of conventional electrical power,  a drone using fuel cell power or  auxiliary generator can do better).  Likewise a   light frame with 17" propellers or above and a Gopro type payload can achieve 45 minutes+ reasonably easily (OTC frame) even with conventional Lipos (vs say 18650  Li-ion).

    But there is no going around the fact that a drone flying with 11" propellers on conventional electric power is simply pure snake oil and click bait, just like a perpetual motion machine.  It's all a matter of  disc loading, and among other things 11" propellers just can't  cut it with 7AH and a weight in the 2kg range as announced. Not emotions, but physics, engineering, and reality ;)  ...

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