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Who we are Yangdaonline.com is the online RC shop owned by company Shenzhen Yangda Security Co.,Ltd which is founded in 2014 on a solid foundation of technical experience and passion for UAVs. Jack Ma the company founder has over 6 years of multirotor design and manufacturing experience which grew from a background of over 10 years of RC experience. After years of working experience in this field,he founded the company aiming to share his experience and resource to all the people who have the dream to fly. We are a young and passionate team,most of the team members are post 80's and 90's.So we believe that we have the energy and knowledge to provide our customers with the best service they deserve.Our professional team includes engineers from various disciplines as well as designers,full time sourcing manager,product testers. Our focus is and has always been on the customers. What we offer We provide up-to-date equipments including RC plane,drone,drone camera,FPV gear and accessories,everything you need to start the flight.

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RC plane,drone,drone camera,FPV gear and accessories


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