Long Range Package Delivery via VTOL Drone


YANGDA VTOL drone was carrying out a package delivery mission like this: it took off with the package, flew to the delivery point, and landed there. At the delivery point, the operator will take the package out and press a button on the VTOL to enable it to fly back to the take-off point. The whole process was totally in autonomy.

Or the delivery VTOL drone can do it like this: lands on the delivery point, releases the package and then flies back to the take-off point.

Please check this video link to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EuLftx49r8&t=28s

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Microsurvey FieldGenius at 30% !

Microsurvey FieldGenius both for Android and Windows is now at 30% OFF only at Aeromao. FieldGenius is a mature, professional and full featured data collection software that also happens to be easy to use.

 MicroSurvey FieldGenius has become one of the most powerful and productive data collection software within the surveying industry. It can be partnered with many GPS receivers on a number of data collectors. 

12643937258?profile=RESIZE_400xFieldGenius is the ideal software/app to go with Emlid Reach GNSS receivers for the advanced user!

 Code-free linework, smart points, and live graphics make FieldGenius the choice of organizations that value productivity.

  • Code-free linework
  • Best-in-class user interface
  • Works on more displays/devices
  • Productivity tasks
  • Calculation tools
  • Part of the perfect workflow

 FieldGenius works with many GPS receivers and on a multitude of handheld data collectors. We believe you shouldn’t have to buy all new equipment just to upgrade one component.

 This promotion won't last long. Until quantities last.

More info here

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TFmini-S can be used with PixHawk for the purpose of obstacle avoidance.

  1. TFmini-SSettings:

Note: Frame rate should be set to 250Hz, see the details in chapter 7.4 “frame rate” and changing the communication interface.

The default communication of TFmini-S is TTL, IIC and TTL uses the same cable, so please set TFmini-S to IIC communication first, see detail commands in product manual.

We take two TFmini-S as an example in this passage and set the address 0x10 and 0x11 separately.

  1. PixHawk Connection:

See the connection details in PixHawk manual and TFmini-S manual, we take example for connecting

PixHawk flight controller:


Figure 1: Schematic Diagram of Connecting TFmini-S to I2C Interface of PixHawk


  1. Default cable sequence of TFmini-S and PixHawk are different, please change it accordingly (SDA and SCL wires need to be interchanged). Look at the pinout of controller, pin configurations are starting from left to right:


  1. IIC connector should be purchased by user
  2. If TFmini-S faces down, please take care the distance between lens and ground should be larger than TFmini-S’s blind zone (10cm)
  3. If more TFmini-S need to be connected (10 LiDARs can be connected), the method is same.
  4. Power source should meet the product manual demands:5V±0.5V, larger than 140mA*number of TFmini-S
  5. Parameters settings:

Common settings:

AVOID_ENABLE= 2 [if 3 = UseFence and UseProximitySensor doesn’t work in IIC then choose 2 = UseProximitySensor]



Settings for first TFmini-S:

RNGFND1_ADDR=16 [Address of #1 TFmini-S in decimal]

RNGFND1_GNDCLEAR=15 [Unit: cm, depending upon mounting height of the module and should be larger LiDAR than non-detection zone]

RNGFND1_MAX_CM=400 [It could be changed according to real demands but should be smaller than
effective measure range of LiDAR, unit is cm] 

RNGFND1_MIN_CM=30 [It could be changed according to real demands and should be larger than
LiDAR non-detection zone, unit is cm] 

RNGFND1_ORIENT=0 [#1 TFmini-S real orientation]

RNGFND1_TYPE = 25 [TFmini-S IIC same as TFmini-Plus IIC]


Settings for second TFmini-S:

RNGFND2_ADDR=17 [Address of #2 TFmini-S in decimal]




RNGFND2_ORIENT=25 [#2 TFmini-S real orientation]

RNGFND2_TYPE=25 [TFmini-S IIC same as TFmini-Plus IIC]

Upon setting of these parameters, click [Write Params] on the right of the software to finish.

If the error message “Bad LiDAR Health” appears, please check if the connection is correct and the power supply is normal.

How to see the target distance from the LiDAR: press Ctrl+F button in keyboard, the following window will pop out:



Click button Proximity, the following window will appear:


The number in green color means the distance from LiDAR in obstacle avoidance mode(the number only refresh when this window opens, closes, zooms in or zooms out, it doesn’t mean the real time distance from LiDAR and will not be influenced in Mission Planner version under v1.3.48, the problem could be solved by updating Mission Planner

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Since the highly anticipated launch of DJI Dock 2 and the advancements it brings, it has captured the attention of enterprise users, DSPs, and system integrators.

Its compact size, easy portability, and improved efficiency, combined with the upgraded abilities of supported drones like the DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD, are expected to enhance applications like mapping and surveying, among other applications.

While multiple third-party applications and products support the DJI Dock 2, FlytBase stands out by providing a comprehensive platform that leverages its potential and makes it enterprise-ready. In this blog, we will learn how FlytBase now helps you deploy fully automated, secure docked drone operations for enterprise applications with DJI Dock 2.

Top 5 reasons to choose FlytBase for your DJI Dock 2 operations

FlytBase seamlessly integrates with DJI Dock 2, providing an enterprise-grade drone autonomy software solution that includes workflow integration, flight automation, fleet management, flight safety measures, and robust data security features for efficient drone operations. Following are some of the reasons why you should choose


1. FlinksFlinks, short for FlytBase Links, are connectors that help integrate the FlytBase platform with a wide range of external software apps and hardware devices. Users can fully automate enterprise drone workflows with pre-built Flinks or create custom ones with FlytBase APIs and SDKs.

2. Flight safety and compliance: FlytBase ensures comprehensive drone safety with a range of features, including custom pre-flight checklists, collision avoidance, and configurable failsafes. Users can also create geofences and 2D No Fly Zones (NFZ) to maintain secure operations. Additionally, FlytBase alerts users to potential airspace threats and offers mitigation suggestions to help maintain a safe airspace.

3. Robust data security: With multiple layers of protection that include secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration, application-level controls, and flexible deployment options, the FlytBase platform is designed with security in mind. We also use tools to help us enforce compliance with our internal security policies.

4. Hardware agnostic platform: You can seamlessly integrate and deploy FlytBase with multiple docking stations, drones, and third-party payloads while being able to manage the fleets with a centralized dashboard.

5. Enterprise-grade support: FlytBase provides enterprise-grade support via calls, emails, and chat, with the option to upgrade to custom SLAs. This helps dedicated business and technical account managers enhance customer and partner success, as well as provide on-ground support for extensive or critical deployments.

In addition to numerous other features, FlytBase enhances your DJI Dock 2 operations, making them enterprise-grade and exceptionally efficient. Now, let's take a look at FlytBase's approach to data security and its flexible deployment options for ensuring robust data protection.

Protect your drone data with FlytBase Shield 

Large enterprises, government entities, and organizations managing critical operations face a major challenge in keeping their data safe and secure. Why is this so crucial? 

Well, they handle vast amounts of sensitive information like proprietary business data, classified government information, and critical infrastructure. The drones capture this data, and any breach could lead to significant consequences, such as financial losses, damaged reputations, or even threats to public safety. 

This is where FlytBase Shield comes into the picture to offer a comprehensive suite of security services designed to safeguard drone docks and data with multi-layer protection. 

With our robust encryption methods, like AES-256, you can ensure that your sensitive data is protected at rest and in transit. Additionally, we take security measures for our user accounts with the help of:

  • User account security with OAuth 2.0, Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Integration with Google and Microsoft accounts
  • Adherence to industry cybersecurity standards such as SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, GDPR, CIS, and NIST

This gives our customers peace of mind that their data and operations are safe.

FlytBase provides a range of deployment options for the DJI Dock 2, including the choice to operate within a separately managed AWS environment, offering an additional layer of security and privacy by being physically isolated from our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud: FlytBase Cloud provides cost-effective access with enterprise-level security. It complies with SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards, and enables integration with private cloud storage.
  • In-country Cloud: Deploy FlytBase in your own country’s cloud to ensure compliance with data residency norms, data security, & the ability for customers to integrate with their preferred applications.
  • On-premise: Self-host FlytBase on a private server for highly secure & confidential projects. Meet cyber security compliance requirements and have complete control over your drone data.
  • Air-Gapped: FlytBase Air-Gapped operates offline, isolated from external networks, ensuring data security. Ideal for sensitive applications that require maximum protection.

Having explored FlytBase's data security measures, let's now learn about BVLOS operations, where FlytBase equips your drone operations with advanced capabilities for safe and efficient Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights.

How FlytBase makes your drone operations BVLOS ready

Flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) is a significant milestone for various industries. With FlytBase and DJI Dock 2, your drone operations can seamlessly transition to BVLOS operations, with essential features and capabilities that ensure safe and efficient flight beyond visual range.

  • Advanced Flight Planning Routines: FlytBase offers advanced flight planning routines tailored for BVLOS operations. Dynamic path planning, corridor fly zones, No Fly Zones (NFZ), Smart Return-to-Home (RTH), and customized flight workflows ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and efficient navigation in complex airspace.
  • Geofencing and No Fly Zones: FlytBase enables users to create Geofences and No Fly Zones, ensuring compliance with local regulations and safety protocols. These virtual boundaries restrict drone flight in designated areas, minimizing the risk of unauthorized operations and ensuring airspace integrity.
  • Flight Logs: FlytBase provides detailed flight logs that offer a comprehensive overview of each mission. Operators can review vital information such as flight path, altitude, speed, device status, and media captured during the mission. These flight logs enhance operational transparency, facilitate post-flight analysis, and support regulatory compliance efforts.
  • BVLOS Documentation Templates: FlytBase simplifies obtaining waivers and approvals for BVLOS operations with pre-built documentation templates. These templates streamline the application process, facilitating regulatory compliance and expediting approval for extended drone flights.
  • Third-party integrations for BVLOS flight safety: FlytBase integrates with third-party detect and avoid systems, Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) services, external ADS-B, and parachute recovery systems using Flinks. These integrations enhance safety by providing real-time alerts on intrusions, conflicts with nearby aircraft, and automatic parachute deployment in case of system failure.

    Find out which BVLOS enablers have partnered with FlytBase to make flights safer. visit: https://www.flytbase.com/flinks

After learning about multiple aspects essential for conducting safe, secure, and reliable autonomous drone flights, let's dive deeper into the applications of the DJI Dock 2 with FlytBase across diverse industries.

Automating drone operations across industries 

Applications like mapping and surveying are becoming more efficient and advanced, thanks to the DJI Dock 2, powered by FlytBase. The highly efficient cameras of the Matrice 3D/3TD drones make mapping and surveying more accessible and cost-effective than ever before. FlytBase simplifies creating grids over an area, especially for mapping and surveying. Users can precisely control parameters like Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) and overlap, ensuring accurate data collection. 

Additionally, FlytBase's Flinks enable seamless integration of third-party apps and systems, further enhancing the versatility and capabilities of the DJI Dock 2 for various applications beyond mapping and surveying.

  1. Public Safety: Equipped with autonomous drones, first responders gain rapid situational awareness during emergencies, aiding in law enforcement and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. With remote control and management features, operators can efficiently oversee operations from remote or mobile command centers, ensuring swift and coordinated responses to public emergencies.
  1. Construction: FlytBase and DJI Dock 2 can be used as a monitoring system that helps automate data collection, enabling real-time tracking of construction progress. Conducting mapping and site analysis becomes effortless, facilitating effective planning, design, and asset inventory management.
  2. Mining: Deploying drone fleets for routine missions, such as equipment inspections and progress reporting, becomes easier. Real-time video data capture helps monitor and survey, ensuring efficient stockpile management to prevent mine hazards. 
  1. Security and Surveillance: Deploying drones for aerial monitoring and security patrols becomes seamless and efficient with the DJI Dock 2. In addition, by automating routine missions and scheduling patrols, with FlytBase, operators can ensure 24x7 monitoring of properties, enhance security systems, and easily safeguard assets

What lies ahead?

FlytBase with DJI Dock 2 enables a wide range of applications in sectors like public safety, mining, construction, and more while prioritizing data security with a robust system. In addition to this, the seamless integration with third-party systems via Flinks enhances the capability to automate, streamline, and ensure secure drone operations, offering an enterprise-grade experience.

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Recognizing the growing importance of data safety and customization, Danish drone company Upteko has entered the market with its flagship product, the LARK drone.

Originally conceived for windmill inspection, the LARK drone has been developed to set a new standard for data security and versatility, and has quickly garnered attention for its data safety features and adaptability.

The LARK drone features robust data encryption mechanisms and a highly customizable design; engineered to meet the unique specifications of each customer, ensuring optimal performance and data safety in any scenario. Whether it’s precision agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, or environmental surveys, Upteko empowers its clients to tailor the LARK drone to their specific needs, without compromising on data security.


Setting new standards for data security & versatility

In the ever-evolving landscape of drone technology, the demand for data safety and customization has become paramount. As regulatory bodies tighten their grip on privacy and security measures, companies are facing unprecedented challenges in ensuring the integrity and safety of the data collected by their drones.

In this shifting paradigm, Upteko offers cutting-edge solutions that prioritize data security and customization.


The drone industry is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by advancements in technology and an increasing need for data-driven insights across various sectors. From agriculture to infrastructure inspection, drones have become indispensable tools, providing real-time data and actionable insights like never before. However, with this proliferation of drone usage comes pressing concerns over data privacy and security.

Regulators worldwide are stepping up efforts to enforce stringent guidelines to protect sensitive information collected by drones. From stringent data encryption protocols to strict limitations on data storage and transmission, compliance with these regulations has become a top priority for companies operating in the drone industry. Failure to adhere to these standards not only poses legal risks, but can also undermine public trust in drone technology.

The versatility of the LARK drone has been a game-changer for businesses seeking reliable and secure drone solutions. With its advanced payload options and modular design, the LARK drone can seamlessly adapt to evolving industry requirements, providing unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Whether it’s integrating specialized sensors for precise data collection or implementing custom software solutions for enhanced analytics, Upteko offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the most demanding operational needs.

Read more here: Upteko

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FMS Cessna 182 1500mm PNP

FMS Cessna 182 1500mm PNP


The Cessna 182 is a popular small single-engine propeller aircraft that first appeared in 1956, with its development rooted in the Cessna 180. The Cessna 182 plays a significant role in general aviation due to its excellent stability, reliability, versatility, flexibility, and ease of operation. It is used in various fields such as private flying, flight training, business cruising, aerial photography, aerial patrols, geographical surveyance, and emergency medical rescue.

Authorized by FMS Model Inc. China, the FMS Cessna 182, with a wingspan of 1500mm, adheres to FMS’s long-standing product philosophy of "perfect appearance, excellent performance."

While painstakingly reproducing the appearance, it also replicates the flight characteristics of the Cessna 182.
Perfect appearance: The FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 breaks the limits of degree of realism that aircraft of the same size and type can achieve, meticulously replicating exterior details, from cockpit windows and cabin interiors to skin lines, antennas, exhaust ports, propellers, navigation lights, and more.


Excellent performance: With high-rigidity lightweight EPO material and a high-wing structure with a large wing area, the aircraft exhibits low wing-loading and high lift-drag ratio.

Activating the flaps, the FMS 1500mm Cessna 182 performs admirably in low-speed control and short takeoff and landing (STOL) —taking off within three meters on the ground and easily flying with half throttle in the air. The aircraft features a tricycle metal shock-absorbing landing gear set and large wear-resistant tires to resist violent landings, eliminating concerns for novice pilots practicing takeoffs and landings.

Following international navigation light standards, high-intensity LED lights are equipped on both wings, the tail of the fuselage, and the top of the vertical stabilizer—allowing worry-free takeoffs and landings in low-light conditions, enhancing realism and adding to the joy of flying. Robust plastic struts give extra strength to the wings during aerobatic maneuvers. In addition, the assembly structure of the Cessna 182 reflects FMS's consistent attitude towards product development—rigorous and meticulous. The model utilizes a convenient snapper assembly structure, integrated servo-connector design, and ball head control surface linkage. These measures, while ensuring the strength and stability of the aircraft, greatly simplify the assembly steps, allowing players to enjoy the fun of flying in the shortest possible time. The PNP configuration includes a 3541-KV840 brushless motor, 40A brushless ESC, and seven 9g digital servos, with high-precision digital servos
controlling ailerons, flaps, nosewheel steering, rudder, and elevator, accurately executing input commands.

Most pleasingly, the 1500mm Cessna 182 can be equipped with the Reflex V3 (sold separately), which can be connected via Bluetooth and unlocks custom tuning functions. After downloading the app, players can choose standard or custom modes based on their preferences and synchronize the desired flight parameters.

Type of Version: PNP
Wingspan (mm): 1500mm / 59 in
Length (mm): 1250mm / 49.2 in
Flying weight (gr) 2000 approx
Wing Surface Area: 33.3 dm² / 515.7 sq.in
Wing Loading: 60 g/dm² / 0.12oz/in²
CG (Center of Gravity) Check manual
Servos 7x 9 gr standard gear
Servo type: Digital
Blades: 3
Turbine shroud Synthetic
EDF Rotor Synthetic
Power System 3541-KV840 Brushless
Electronic Speed Control 40A
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2.200 mAh, 3.200 mAh
Required Radio 6 channels minimum
Recommended pilot skill level Beginner, Intermediate


Authorized by Textron Innovations Inc.
High-Performance Power System: Powerful 3541-KV840 brushless motor, 40A brushless ESC.
Rich in realistic details, such as cockpit interior (instrument panel, steering wheel, pilot), antenna, navigation lights, etc.
Metal shock-absorbing landing gear set.
Pre-installed high-intensity LED navigation lights.
Simple assembly structure (snappers+screws).
Superior low-speed maneuverability.
Ultra-short takeoff distance.
Integrated servo connectors.
Large-size battery compartment.
Ball head control surface linkage to reduce surface vibrations and achieve smooth steering.
Tough and efficient nylon and fiber-reinforced three-blade propeller.
Technical data
Scale: 1/7
Wingspan: 1500mm / 59 in
Length: 1250mm / 49.2 in
Flying weight: approx. 2000
Wing area: 33.3 dm² / 515.7 sq.in)
Wing loading: 60 g/dm² / 0.12oz/in²
Motor size: Brushless 3541-KV840
Impeller: 80mm, 12-blade
ESC: 40A
Servos: 9g x 7
Propeller: 11*6,3-blade
Suggested battery: 14.8V2200mAh-3200mAh 25c

Package Box details:

FMS 1500mm Blue Cessna 182 RC Airpane
Motor: Brushless 3541-KV840 Motor system
ECS: 40A
Servos: 4x9g
Propeller: 11*6,3-blade
Fixe landing gear set


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madflight v1.1.1 released

A new and improved version of the hands-on Arduino DIY flight controller for ESP32 / RP2040 / STM32 is available.https://madflight.commadflight is now an Arduino library and can be installed directly from the library section in the Arduino IDE.

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