Thought it would be relevant to have a group dedicated to Gimbals and supporting Gimbals considering the models and lack of support found with many products available online.

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  • Dear AEROVANT , did you have any issue with Sony QX100 after plane vibration? Sometime my QX100 closed lenses and showed message "Check connected shooting device or memory card". I can garantee - I have problem with vibration but can't resolve it.... 

    As gimbal I use gimbal with next description "Super Lightweight CNC Alloy Brushless Camera Gimbal Mount Kit for Gopro 2 3 DJI Phantom PTZ Black". You can find it on AliExpress... 

    It may be necessary to select other rubber elements to reduce vibration at specific frequencies, but this is a very long process ... May be you have any idea? 

  • Looks great! congratulations. I have used the X8 with fixed qx100 camera with good results, but your setup looks very good to RTK aerophotogrametry

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Problem updating Tarot T4-3d

After updating my Tarot T4-3d and clicking run, the gimbal shaked violently. I have tried calibrating the sensors, and reinstalling the firmware. The gimbal software also shows that the motor channels (pan/tilt/roll) are meching together and are affected by isolated movements. For instance, moving the pan affects the tilt. Any help would be much appreciated.

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